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Australia’s only fully integrated social media advertising platform for real estate agents to promote their listings and profile in just a few clicks.

Exclusively available to Stepps website clients.

Stop wasting money. Start driving more traffic, leads and sales.

Deploy your social media campaigns in seconds!

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What is Advance? 

Advance is Australia’s only fully website-integrated social media advertising platform for real estate agents to promote their listings and profile in just a few clicks.

Agents, their assistants and/or marketing team can deploy targeted social media campaigns in a matter of seconds using our tried and tested ad format, based on 8+ years of social media advertising with Australia’s leading real estate agents and brands.

Agents all across Australia have been burning cash on social media advertising for years – sending buyers and potential vendors to other people’s websites i.e. the major portals and third-party suppliers. We’ve set out to design a platform that stops this massive wastage and instead drives higher-quality traffic to your website at a much lower cost – allowing you to scale your advertising and website traffic to much greater heights.

Advance removes the time and stress away from social media marketing for our high-performing sales team. The three-step campaign creation makes the platform easy to use for our team. More importantly, since implementing Advance, we have experienced an increase in all key metrics across our website.
Mitchell Gibbons Technical Strategy Manager, Harcourts Coastal

Meet some of the real estate businesses like yours that are scaling up their marketing with Advance

Fully integrated with your website and listing feeds

Traffic. Traffic. Traffic. That is what Advance is all about – traffic to your website.

Advance is fully integrated with your existing Stepps website which means no emails back and forth with your CRM provider to get set up and no need for adding all of your team members. Simply activate Advance from your website dashboard and you’re up and running.

Campaign activation emails can be configured for your agents, their assistants or your marketing team so whoever is responsible for launching campaigns can do so quickly and easily, from any device.

Add multiple Facebook Pages

Advance allows marketing teams, admins and assistants to easily switch between Facebook Pages to run your campaigns on behalf of your agents* or your agency.

* requires advertiser permissions for the agent’s Facebook Business Manager

Detailed Segments & Geographic Targeting

Deploy your ads to first-home buyers, empty nesters, retirees, large families, small families, investors, upgraders or developers – at the click of a button. Audiences are built from selected behaviours, interests and other demographics provided by Facebook and Instagram.

Up to 95% of buyers buy local. So our geographic targeting is optimised for maximum engagement while still allowing additional suburbs and postcodes to be added for areas with a higher volume of ‘out of area’ buyers.

Campaign Reporting

Keep track of your campaign results in real time. Share your reports with clients or colleagues.

Vendor Lead Campaigns

Generate more vendor leads in just a few clicks.

Advance uses the lead generation tools that already exist on your website to create stunning ad templates with all of your branding, profile and website links applied.

Pick from our four (4) pre-configured ad templates or upload your own. Watch the instructional video to learn how easy it is to create profitable vendor lead campaigns on Advance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a set up fee?

No. There are no set-up fees for Advance.

If you would like to implement the Instant Price Estimate feature on your website,  costs do apply to have this feature integrated into your website. Please enquire here.

Are there any ongoing fees?

We charge a 20% fee per campaign, based on your ad spend. So if your budget for a campaign is $100, a $20 fee will be deducted from your total ad spend.

Other platforms can charge in excess of 30% for a similar service while delivering traffic to their own landing pages. Stepps Advance delivers ALL traffic from your campaigns to YOUR website.

How long does it take to set up?

Minutes. Seriously.

Once we activate Stepps Advance on your website, simply toggle on/off your campaign notification emails for each team member and you’re good to go.

Can I customise my ads? i.e. headline, description, links etc

A great social media campaign drives website traffic and leads at the lowest possible cost. Period.

Advertising is not about how many ads and placements you have, but how much it cost you to achieve a result i.e. a click or a lead.

We’ve spent more than 8+ years testing social media campaigns with Australia’s leading real estate agents and brands and we’ve developed a social media ad formula that drives high volumes of traffic to your own website at a very low cost. Which in turn drives more leads, more sales and more opportunities for additional retargeting for your agents.

Spinning up lots of different ads and creating video ads might sound appealing, more often this just costs you more, much more, to achieve a result.

Images can be changed however we don’t currently allow text and link elements to be changed. This is to ensure your ad performance meets our best practices for driving more website traffic and enquiries for the lowest possible ad spend.

Do I need to set anything up with my CRM provider for my listings?

No. Your listings are already on your website. Stepps Advance is fully integrated with your website and listings already.

Can I share campaign previews with prospective vendors?

Yes. This is one of the best tools inside Stepps Advance and acts as a listing tool for prospective clients.

Simply create a draft campaign and apply an estimated campaign budget and duration. Then, print or email a copy of the expected campaign results to your prospective clients so they can see how their property might perform.

When you list the property, simply jump back into Stepps Advance and launch your draft campaign!

I'm not a Stepps website client. Can I still access Advance?

Currently, Stepps Advance is only available to Stepps website clients.

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