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How To Make Your Listings Go Viral

The night after pitching to a client, you hear you have won a listing and your campaign starts tomorrow. However, the vendor is really proactive on social media and wants their listing to be omnipresent across every channel. What do you do next?

It’s a pretty common story from an ageing population – they have heard of social marketing but don’t understand the ROI or how it will actually benefit them. They just want it done. So today we present to you how to make a listing go viral … and by viral, we mean that anyone who potentially is looking in the market at your level knows about your new listing.

1. Start with the images: Too many agents are caught up on small intricacies that they forget the power of strong visuals. A photo is ALWAYS going to be a better call-to-action than what ever you write. Therefore, the listing images need to be large, clear and compelling. The listing photo is the call-to-action for every prospect, saying that if you’re interested in this part of the market, you need to look at me. Get this wrong and your listing won’t be shared.

2. Create a compelling point: The reality is, people buy houses based on emotion as much as fact. Therefore, it is essential you sell the consumer a dream. People will fall in love with the fact they are finding their perfect home, therefore you need to display how this home fixes all of their problems. Talk about the compelling factors, however also focus on the unique points. Listings go viral when there is something left of centre to talk about.

3. Use your own social network in a non-obvious way: Nothing is worse than when you see someone deliberately plugging a friend’s property because they want the best price. Have your friends and family share the listing in creative ways. For example, have unique listing photos that spark interest, ask someone if they would live here? Highlight the coolest part of the house, all without saying: “My friend’s house is for sale, please share if you know anyone interested.” This detracts from the features and doesn’t focus on them.

4. Turn the listing social: Create an integrated campaign from beginning to end, start tweeting features and updates on how the house is going. Work in to your marketing collateral all of the social links so consumers can stay up to date and from here, use things such as Twitter to give live updates of inspections, rundowns on suburb information and links to other features about the house. You will get consumers to subscribe to your content even if they don’t buy this house, as they are interested in information about the area.

5. Start socially once you get going: Chances are consumers are out there asking questions about local areas and wanting information. If you conduct a Twitter search for all tags #Melbourne #rental on Twitter, you can search through these to proactively get in touch and push your listing. If you get the right person viewing the listing, they are likely to share it and increase the virility of it.

Have a look at how one person made her listing go viral through the result of kindness. Great to watch!

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