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In the sought-after coastal town of Byron Bay, First National Real Estate has carved out an outstanding reputation.

Over the past 30 years, it has grown to become not just the leading agency in the region, but First National’s leading agency in Australasia.

And now, their agents have something else to be excited about – the launch of their new agency website.

In an industry that talks about the importance of being hyper-local and ‘for the community’, the new website is a perfect example of an agency walking the talk, while also becoming a highly effective lead generating machine.

Here’s the story behind their new website and the results that have followed – with Chris Hanley, principal at First National Byron Bay and widely respected industry leader…


Building the next generation of websites in real estate

When we were approached by Chris Hanley and the team at First National Byron Bay in 2018 to help build their new site, they had a clear vision for their new website – to become a hyper-local resource that makes people smarter about real estate.

The leadership and marketing teams were looking to build an agency website that not only showcased the stunning Byron Bay coastline but also delivered an experience to Byron Bay homeowners and investors unlike anything else that exists online, while delivering high quality leads to their agents.

Accepting the challenge, we dove right in. And we’re proud to announce the launch of the new First National Byron Bay website and feature some of the big-ticket items below.

Starting with a blank canvas, we worked alongside the team at First National Byron Bay to architect an agency website that showcased stunning design but is firmly focused on driving leads and enquiry through strategic placement of every widget and call-to-action.

For sellers

On the main navigation, for example, the two most profitable sections of every real estate website are prioritised with stand out calls-to-action on the left-hand side (or in the header on mobile) – starting with homeowners thinking of selling their property – to drive traffic into these sections of the site as quickly as possible, with minimal distraction.

Most real estate websites bury this call-to-action in a sub-menu item of their navigation, however, we’ve proven time and time again that prioritising this call-to-action provides a significant boost in listing leads.

“We’ve had very good quality listing leads since we launched our new website.” Chris Hanley, Principal – First National Byron Bay


For buyers

The integration of First National Byron Bay’s residential, commercial and rental listings all into one page provides for easier navigation between listings and super fast page load times.

Each listing page acts as another lead source for buyers who also may be thinking of sellers.

As we’ve mentioned in another case study, this call-to-action, at the bottom of listing pages, is one of the highest converting forms on a real estate website if your listing pages are generating a good amount of traffic.


For locals

First National Byron Bay has always been great at content marketing – from regular blog articles to showcasing local events. But their old website didn’t provide the best possible experience for people wanting to consume their content.

Their new website features local events, interesting articles, Instagram moments and helpful real estate advice from the moment you land on the home page to the Property/Locals/Lifestyle section of the site.

With over 15,000 subscribers, First National Byron Bay’s weekly newsletter receives consistent positive feedback from locals (and clients alike).

For admin and marketing teams

When it comes to managing the content on the front-end of a website, the back-end needs to be beautifully designed and easy to use.

We give each of our clients a customised dashboard, built specifically for their business and their website – so the admin and marketing teams can make changes to site content, update layouts and push out new campaigns easily and quickly.

For business owners and marketing teams

Your website is another salesperson on the road, but it never sleeps. It’s spruiking your business 24/7/365. So at the end of the week, it should be showing you the results it’s brought in and what it will do next week to improve (just like every great salesperson does!). As a result of our pre-launch SEO checklist, First National Byron Bay’s new website has risen from bottom of page 1, to position #1 for popular search terms such as “real estate agents Byron Bay”.

Google Analytics is one of those things that businesses know they need, but once it’s installed they never look at it. We deliver weekly results to our clients, in plain English, accompanied by SEO recommendations and strategies to increase traffic and conversions.

In closing…

Gone are the days that a website for your business remains static. A website can do (and be) a lot more than just a fancy online business card. It can be a lead generating machine and so much more – if you want it to be.

We love working with forward-thinking real estate brands and this project was certainly one of our favourites. We like to be as creative and innovative as our clients allow us to be and we’d like to thank First National Byron Bay for letting our team be an ongoing part of theirs.

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