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He is known for his pioneering approach to real estate marketing which marries traditional methods such as print and signboard with disruptive new technologies, including digital and social media.

Josh Hart’s reputation as one of the most dynamic young agents in Australian real estate has made him a sought after international speaker, including here at home where he keynoted AREC in 2017. He regularly appears in media outlets including News Corp,, Your Investment Magazine, and WIN TV.

Josh Hart – Director & Auctioneer at One Agency Launceston

And now, Josh has a new project that will be talked about among agents around the world – introducing the launch of his new, fully custom, personal website.

In an industry where so many agents copy their competitors, plus or minus 10%, the new website is truly one-of-a-kind.

Building the next generation of websites in real estate

When we were approached by Josh and his team to help build their new website, they had a tonne of passion and some pretty audacious goals. Josh was looking to build a website for his team that not only showcased stunning design and visuals but also delivered an experience to homeowners and investors unlike anything else that exists online. But, most importantly, it had to be a marketing and branding tool to help the Josh Hart Team perform at their best.

Accepting the challenge, we dove right in. And we’re proud to finally announce the launch of the new Josh Hart Team website and feature some of the big-ticket items below.

Starting with a blank canvas, we worked alongside the Josh Hart Team to architect a real estate website that showcased stunning design while ensuring it was firmly focused on driving buyer and seller leads through strategic placement of every widget and call-to-action.

Appraisal bookings sync up seamlessly with Josh’s team calendar, saving the usual back and forth with emails and phone calls. It helps potential vendors ‘self serve’ at any time of day and still experience great service while Josh’s team are still listing and selling.

real estate agent websites

Live chat functionality links directly via a mobile app that provides real-time notifications to Josh and his team – allowing prospective clients to chat with any of Josh’s team members who are online at any given time of the day.

For sellers

Every real estate website should look great. But if it doesn’t generate new business, it’s all for nothing.

With a minimalist approach to navigation across all devices, the Josh Hart Team’s appraisal booking page is always only 1-click away.

This call-to-action appears throughout, strategically placed and appropriately worded to capture every opportunity.

Buyers can be sellers too and by placing the above call-to-action at the bottom of each listing page, we’ve reduced bounce rates by up to 60% and increased conversion rates by 30%. We’ve also found this particular call-to-action provides some of the most qualified leads over and above every other page vying for vendor leads.

Real Estate Website Reviews. Reinvented.

Let’s face it – the testimonials page on most real estate websites is boring. It’s just a wall of text and endless reviews with no visual styling.

Incorporating Josh Hart Team’s XML feed from their CRM, they’re able to match reviews to their listings in a whole new, fully interactive way on their own website – giving potential vendors a much more transparent user-friendly way to browse the Josh Hart Team’s past client reviews and click through to the properties they relate to.

Users can also easily switch between textual and video testimonials at the click of a button.

Video. Video. Video.

Partnering with the team at Mane Collective and Peter Mochrie, the Josh Hart Team have produced a series of stunning films that feature throughout the new website from the home page, every listing page, each agent profile page and client reviews.


High-quality video, directed and produced well, can set your brand miles ahead of your competitors and take your website from good to outstanding.

Our friends at Mane Collective along with Peter Mochrie produce high-end video for some of Australia’s leading agency brands and individual agents. Get in touch with them today if you’re serious about taking your brand to the next level.

Built for ‘mobile-first’

Google now ranks the mobile version of a website over its desktop variant for most businesses. So it pays to start a new website with mobile-first in mind.

Instead of starting with desktop designs, every Stepps website starts with a mobile-first approach – giving every project a competitive Google advantage from day one of launch.

real estate agent websites features our signature mobile tabbed navigation – giving a unique ‘social media’ feel to every website we build. It keeps users exploring deeper into a website compared with the traditional mobile menu design on other real estate websites.

Keeping eyes on the prize

Your website is another salesperson on the road, but it never sleeps. It’s spruiking your business 24/7/365. So at the end of the week, it should be showing you the results it’s brought in and what it will do next week to improve (just like every great salesperson does!).

Google Analytics is one of those things that businesses know they need, but once it’s installed they never look at it. Our clients expect a higher level of digital marketing advice, reporting/analytics, training and support beyond just their website and one of the things we do differently is our weekly Website Performance Report and recommendations.

In closing…

Many real estate websites look pretty, but underperform when it comes to generating more leads, sales and ideal clients.

There are a lot of real estate website developers who can put graphics and nice images online but it takes a strategic approach and great marketing to transform your website into an automated lead generation system that funnels potential vendors and landlords into your real estate business.

Most web designers understand the technology behind building real estate websites but they have little to no experience when it comes to effective digital marketing and selling. Their expertise is in graphic design, not making your website make money.

If you want a trusted team that will give you sound advice, with a track record of results for some of Australia’s leading real estate brands, contact us to get your new website project underway.

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