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ChatGPT kicked off the AI chatbot race but Meta is determined to win it.

In mid-April 2024, Meta launched Meta AI into the search box of Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Messenger. It’s also now appearing directly in your Facebook feed. You can still chat with it in the messaging inboxes of Meta’s apps. And for the first time, it’s now accessible via a standalone website at so you can use it just like you would with ChatGPT.

But it Meta AI as good as ChatGPT, or better?

What is Meta AI?

Meta AI is an artificial intelligence tool used to answer questions in a similar fashion to competitors ChatGPT, Google Gemini and Microsoft Copilot.

It is a form of AI that is trained on data available online and can process language to provide intelligent responses in a chat, including follow-up responses that mimic human conversation.

Meta AI appears on social media feeds and search bars on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger. It prompts the user with topics and launches a chat when a query is sent. It has also been spotted participating in conversations in Facebook groups.


It also has its own interface available for free at where you can interact with Meta AI similarly to how you already do with ChatGPT.

Meta AI vs ChatGPT: Key Differences

Multimodal Capabilities and Integration

  • Meta AI: Features like real-time image generation enhance user interaction within Meta’s social media apps. It offers integrated AI assistance directly in platforms many agents already use, like Facebook and Instagram, to generate visuals and engage with content dynamically.
  • ChatGPT (GPT-4): Now includes multimodal capabilities, enabling it to handle not just text but also images and potentially other types of data. This can be particularly useful for agents needing to analyze visual information or create multimedia content for listings.

Real-Time Interaction and Customisation

  • Meta AI: Provides immediate feedback and assistance across Meta platforms, allowing real estate agents to access information and generate content without switching apps. Its capabilities are particularly aligned with creating and sharing multimedia content quickly.
  • ChatGPT (GPT-4): Offers improved problem-solving skills and a broader knowledge base, which can enhance the creation of detailed and accurate content like market analysis or client emails. GPT-4’s enhanced safety and factual response rates also make it a reliable choice for professional settings.

Accessibility and User Experience

  • Meta AI: With global expansion and integration into everyday apps like WhatsApp and Messenger, Meta AI is readily accessible for international agents, including those in Australia, directly from their smartphones.
  • ChatGPT (GPT-4): Available through the OpenAI platform and as an API, offering versatile integration into various business tools and systems that real estate agencies might use. This allows for more customised implementations that can align with specific business workflows.

Advanced Features and Creativity

  • Meta AI: Capable of generating images and animations quickly, it supports creative marketing efforts like designing custom visuals for property listings or promotional materials.
  • ChatGPT (GPT-4): Excels in creative and technical tasks, such as writing detailed property descriptions or crafting unique marketing narratives, and can now potentially support visual tasks which expand its utility in real estate marketing.

Both AI tools are advancing significantly and offer unique strengths that can benefit real estate agents. Meta AI’s seamless integration with popular social media platforms and real-time multimedia generation capabilities make it highly convenient for agents frequently using these platforms for marketing. On the other hand, GPT-4’s enhanced safety, broader knowledge, and multimodal capabilities make it an incredibly powerful tool for creating diverse and reliable content across all aspects of real estate business—from client communications to complex market analyses.

Choosing between them will depend on specific business needs, preferred platforms, and the type of content creation required by the real estate agents.

There’s so much AI… It’s overwhelming!

Do you kind of feel like this?

The race between AI platforms like ChatGPT and Meta AI is not just a competition for superiority but an illustration of rapid technological evolution in the AI landscape. As these tools carve out their niches—ChatGPT with its robust text and now multimodal capabilities, and Meta AI with its deep integration into social media and real-time functionalities—the question isn’t simply which is better, but what unique benefits each brings to the table.

For real estate agents and other professionals, advancements in AI technology offer both exciting opportunities and areas for caution. The ability to generate text and images and even interact in real-time with AI across various platforms can significantly enhance productivity and creativity. However, it’s also essential to remain vigilant about the accuracy, privacy, and ethical implications of using such advanced tools in professional settings.

As the AI race continues, staying informed and curious about these technologies becomes crucial. Experimenting with both ChatGPT and Meta AI, understanding their specific features and limitations, and considering how they align with your business needs will be key. By engaging with these tools, users can better navigate the rapidly evolving AI landscape, leveraging these innovations while being mindful of their challenges. Keep exploring, stay adaptable, and watch as AI continues to transform the digital and real-world environments we navigate daily.

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