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What do car detailing and real estate have in common? On the surface, not much.

You might think they’re worlds apart, but a 40-second video message I received recently from a YouTube star dramatically underscored a truth I’ve long suspected: the real estate industry is, in many ways, lacking something crucial. While advances in technology bring us closer to the era of self-driving cars and AI-managed properties, they also cast a spotlight on what’s irreplaceable—genuine human connection.

A Quick Personal Story (and a masterclass in customer experience)

Like some, I have a love for cars. But it’s not just the machines themselves; it’s also the people behind them. I admire individuals who are masters of their craft. This led me and my two young boys—who share my love for cars—to become avid fans of AMMO NYC’s YouTube channel. We’ve spent countless hours immersed in their videos, appreciating the nuances and craftsmanship that go into each car detailing project.

Larry and his team detail some of the most beautiful (and most expensive) vehicles in the world and often bring old cars back to life with finesse and passion one can only admire, even if you’re not a car person.

AMMO NYC, founded by Larry Kosilla, started from a need for car care products that go beyond surface-level cleanliness to offer deep protection. With over two million YouTube subscribers and a presence in 73 countries, AMMO NYC is a testament to what dedication to quality and customer service can achieve. Larry’s philosophy, “Your car’s paint is like skin. It needs to be fed like skin,” speaks volumes about his attention to detail and care—traits that any successful business, especially in real estate, should aspire to emulate.

After being a fan of the channel for some time, I placed an order for some products on the AMMO NYC website and I received something completely unexpected.


A personalised video message from Larry, the man himself. Delivered within 24 hours of my order, this 40-second, unrehearsed video had an immediate and profound emotional impact. It was a simple yet brilliant example of customer engagement at its finest.

The Value of Time: A Busy Person’s Gesture

Let’s be honest—time is a precious commodity. With a YouTube channel boasting over two million subscribers, international customers, and a high-end clientele to attend to, Larry is undoubtedly a busy man. Yet, he took 40 seconds out of his packed schedule to send me an unrehearsed, personalised video.

If a man as in-demand as Larry can spare a few moments for this genuine connection, it begs the question: What’s stopping the rest of us? It serves as a compelling reminder that in our quest for efficiency and automation, especially in the fast-paced world of real estate, taking a brief pause to offer a personal touch can have an outsized impact—on our business relationships and on our brand loyalty.

The Technology Behind Personalised Messages

Video message platforms have been around for years. They’re not groundbreaking, but they are grossly underutilised in most industries, including real estate. Agents can easily integrate this tech into their business operations, whether it’s sending a heartfelt welcome message to a new client or a quick video walkthrough of a potential home. The medium offers an authentic way to connect that text or images often cannot match.

Why AI Can’t Replace the Human Touch

AI is undeniably powerful and increasingly adept at tasks once thought exclusively human. It can sift through extensive property listings, set reminders for client follow-ups, and even respond to basic customer queries. However, what it can’t do is emulate the genuine emotional engagement that only humans can provide.

In the real estate industry, which often involves emotionally charged, life-changing decisions, the genuine human touch is indispensable. A chatbot may be able to answer a query about square footage or local schools, but it cannot reassure a nervous first-time homebuyer or interpret the subtle nuances in a potential seller’s body language during a valuation. This is where real estate agents prove their irreplaceable worth.

What Real Estate Agents Can Learn

In an era enamoured with technology, real estate agents mustn’t forget the unique skills that set them apart from an algorithm. Personalised touches like a video message or a carefully crafted follow-up email after a property viewing can go a long way in building long-lasting relationships. These connections aren’t just about securing a single transaction but fostering client loyalty for years to come.

The Long-Lasting Impact

My experience with AMMO NYC has cemented my enthusiasm about their brand. Even though I could purchase similar products locally, the personal message I received from Larry makes it worth the wait for international shipping. The same principle applies to real estate. Genuine human connections can cultivate a level of trust and loyalty that clients will remember long after the ink dries on a contract.


Artificial intelligence and automation have their merits, making many aspects of our lives more convenient and streamlined. However, as my experience with AMMO NYC has shown, the human element remains irreplaceable, especially in industries like real estate, where emotional intelligence and genuine human connection are crucial. So, while we integrate the best of what technology offers, let’s not lose sight of the unique and enduring value that only we, as humans, can provide.

My pal Jay Baer says:

“The best way to grow any business is for your customers to grow it for you”.

Truer words have rarely been spoken.

Here I am, sharing my recent experience with you about a company you’ve probably never heard of until now. It prompts the question: How many companies have you found compelling enough to talk about recently?

Sadly, for many of us, the answer is not enough.

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