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Josh Cobb

Josh Cobb is the founder and CEO of Stepps - A real estate web design company, digital marketing trainer and strategy advisor to Australia's top real estate brands and individual agents.

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Stepps was founded by Josh Cobb in 2014. Josh has advised more than 100 brands since starting the company and hundreds of agents who have attended his workshops. He is the host of the popular Real Estate Pros podcast, oversees digital strategy for top performing real estate agents and teams, and travels the globe with several international speaking engagements each year.

Josh was named as a finalist in the REB Awards for Industry Thought Leader of The Year in 2017, 2018 and the winner of  Brisbane Young Entrepreneur of The Year 2017 – Marketing, PR & Events and a finalist for the same award in 2020.

In addition to web development and digital strategy consulting, the company also runs Stepps Media, a fast-growing education company that produces an iTunes top-ranked podcasttraining events, email and webinars.

Is the Younger Generation Ditching Google for Social Media?

Is the Younger Generation Ditching Google for Social Media?

Recent research indicates a significant shift in internet search behaviour among Generation Z. While some real estate marketers and coaches suggest focusing solely on social media, the data presents a nuanced picture, especially for service-based industries like real estate in…

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Will AI Really Replace Real Estate Agents?

Earlier this week, while facilitating our Digital + AI Marketing Masterclass, a question sparked a lively debate: “Will AI really replace real estate agents?” As discussions unfolded, most attendees believed AI could never fully replace agents, while a few thought…

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Wake Up Call: The Real Estate Lead Crisis

In real estate, we’ve got a big problem, and it’s costing us millions. We’re great at chasing leads, but when it comes to sealing the deal? Not so much. Here’s the ugly truth: our industry is dropping the ball big…

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