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Sarah Bell

Sarah married into the Real Estate industry in 2009 and has found a passion for the business of property equal only to the passion she has for her family and rugby union. As Director of Brad Bell Real Estate, Sarah is affectionately referred to in-house as "The Minister for War and Finance". With the benefit of a diverse and energetic team, Sarah is focused on the development and implementation of innovative real estate services for our clients acknowledging that cross-trained and service-focused real estate professionals operating in a mature and synergised organisation is the key to differentiating Brad Bell Real Estate from its competitors and by doing so achieving growth that is both persistent and sustainable.

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Superheroes Versus Super Systems In Real Estate

How much does the success of your real estate business depend on the heroic efforts of an individual, whether it is you or another team member? After speaking with many real estate professionals over my time in real estate, there…

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