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The real estate industry lends itself to producing lots and lots of video content – simply because of the product we sell.

When it comes to property videos specifically, the first place agents typically promote them is through their social media profiles. Why? Because we’re addicted to a metric that social media platforms want us to be addicted to – video views. Why? Because it keeps your viewers living within their platform.

The fact is (sorry to burst your bubble), a video view on social media isn’t worth nearly as much as you might think. For Facebook and Instagram, viewing just three seconds of a video of any length is considered a view. While video views for brand awareness-focused campaigns can potentially be a metric worth measuring, depending on your goal and provided you are using a minimum watch time of 15 seconds (what Facebook call a “Thru Play“), from a lead generation perspective video views is simply a ‘vanity metric’- it makes you feel good, but it’s not all that important.

A lot of agents put far too much emphasis on video views as a measure of success. Why? Because it’s typically a big number and Facebook has deliberately engineered their platform this way. Why? To keep you from sending its users away from Facebook. Why? Because that’s good for Facebook’s business, not necessarily for yours.

Facebook has actually been investigated and fined for misleading advertisers on its video views metric.

Try this instead

A strategy I’d like to share with you, which goes against the grain of how most real estate agents think about promoting their videos for their listings, is to actually get people onto the listing page on your website and let them watch the video there. So in simple terms, get them off Facebook and onto your website.


There are a few reasons why this strategy works well:

  1. It’s getting people out of that noisy newsfeed and onto your website where they’re just looking at you. You’ve now captured their attention instead of just getting their attention (and there’s a big difference).
  2. People will spend more than double the amount of time on a web page if it has a video on it. It might as well just be your website.
  3. It generates more property enquiry.

This approach might not get you as many video views, but if you’re looking to get more property enquiry and potentially more vendor leads from your property videos, then get people away from Facebook and Instagram onto the listing page of your website and let them watch your video there.

On your Facebook ads, simply use an image and a powerful headline and description to entice users.

Let them watch the video there.

Instead of focusing on video views, your primary goals are:

  1. Website traffic
  2. Time on page (how long people are spending on your website)

Also, the more website traffic you drive, the more opportunity you will have to remarket to potential vendors who are thinking of selling.

You’ll probably get fewer video views with this approach, but at the end of the day, the vendor doesn’t really care about how many video views you’ve had if it hasn’t generated any buyer enquiry whatsoever.

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