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2015... The Year To Make It HappenPosted with permission from

2014 has been a big year for many businesses [and the people behind them]. As you recover from your new year celebrations, it is a great time to focus on the opportunities ahead and how to make the most of them.

How optimistic are you about 2015?

To help empower your bright ideas, our good friends at businessDEPOT would love you to complete a quick one minute survey on your thoughts on business optimism going into 2015.

Take the survey [general SME’s]

Take the survey [real estate]

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businessDEPOT will be collecting responses throughout January and sharing the findings to help you with your own strategies for the year ahead.

 The year to ‘make it happen’

If 2014 was the Year of the Entrepreneur than 2015 should be the year of ‘making it happen’. Many new business ideas were born in 2014 and many are well and truly ready to go in 2015. Implementation is of course the key though!

There have undoubtedly been some keywords used over and over again in strategic discussions in the past year. This year, we predict the top 5 keywords for business in 2015 will be;

  1. Nimble … a business that is nimble can make the most of the opportunities as they arise with confidence they are making the right decisions
  2. Collaboration … the collaboration economy is getting more and more attention in the business world, especially as a way for new businesses to grow and get traction quick [businessDEPOT included]
  3. Micro … businesses are finding new ways to be even more targeted with their marketing and business strategy, including new micro niche’s that are emerging all the time
  4. Better … as they say, better is better than more, and businesses are finding better ways to implement their strategies whether it be through the integration of systems, outsourcing to specialists or alignment of business units
  5. Disruption … although undoubtedly also a keyword for 2014, there continues to be much disruption to traditional business models.

It is always hard to narrow down a list to the top 5 so here are some of the other contenders … integration, alignment, growth, co-working, mobility, enterprise.

From everyone at businessDEPOT, we wish you a happy new year and hope that 2015 will be great for you and your business. We would love to help you ‘make it happen’ … check out how we can help at

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