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Innovating The Role Of The Real Estate Principal
by Linzi Boyd, reproduced with permission from

We tend to reserve the term “innovation” for advancing a design, brand or product. Until now, it’s been rare to consider the concept when developing internal business systems or evolving a specific culture to drive business growth.

Seeing innovation in this broader way, across the many aspects of a business, could be a game-changer. Imagine revolutionising not only your brand values, but also evolving your culture through innovation to sustain long-term growth.

Today’s business leaders are learning how to create value by innovating systems, methods and cultures. In going beyond the traditional approach, which stops at innovating products, innovation within the business has significant benefits.

Innovation – for you too

Why stop at innovating only business systems and culture?

While business leaders may see the broader applications of innovation across their businesses, few understand how innovation applies to them personally. We believe “self-innovation” is a key driver of the business engine – something to accelerate your business vision to new heights.

“You can change a business and not affect the leader. But when the leader undergoes change, the business changes too,” says Darren Shirlaw, the founder and chief executive of Shirlaws International.

In any business there is always a leader to whom people look for vision, guidance, support and direction, and who is steering the ship through its many cycles. This is why innovation at this level is so important.

Innovation opportunities are likely to exist among your senior team – both individually and in the way the team works together. Change at this level will help channel the innovation flow across everything you “Are, Do, Create and Believe” as a business.

Innovating at the principal level is the first step to innovation across the whole business, from culture right through to product design and delivery.

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