Supporting Property Managers

Does the industry need to get better at supporting property managers? Yes, this is always going to be the hot topic in today’s market, and the general consensus is that property managers generally need to be provided with a better level…

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The Social Real Estate Agent

In the early days of my first job in real estate in 2002, one of my senior colleagues said to me: “If you want to be successful in real estate young man, you’ll need a top drawer full of chocolate and a…

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Landlords Versus Slumlords

Slumlord: Someone who wants top returns with little or no investment and always knows better.    Have you ever had an owner who is just not worth the hassle?  They reduce your staff to tears, complain all the time and,…

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The Power Of Property Depreciation

Many property investors are aware that they are entitled to claim depreciation. However, a staggeringly high proportion are not capitalising on the available depreciation deductions, subsequently missing out on an increased tax return.

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Innovating Your Real Estate Business

By Darren Shirlaw & Jacob Aldridge In 2014, innovation is the new business imperative. We have clearly moved beyond talking (complaining?) about the GFC. Yet the remnants of those years are still lingering, even as property values grow and agencies…

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