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RITA will most likely be your first “Digital Employee”. RITA is an AI-powered automation platform specifically engineered for the real estate industry. Think IFTTT + Big Data + AI + real estate know-how and you’ve got our platform. RITA can…

Eliven AI by Propic


Enliven is the new user interface for real estate – Your spokesperson 24/7 that speaks every language in real-time. Enliven makes your business more efficient so you can concentrate more on what AI canʼt do: the human connection.


We combine people and data science to help real estate professionals get more transactions from the relationships they’ve built and avoid the pain of missing opportunities in their personal sphere. How we do that is both magical and simple. We…

Realm Australia


CLAIRE is the Property Management Digitial Assistant. She can take care of maintenance, chase rental arrears, respond to enquiries on her own. CLAIRE can communicate on SMS, Email, Google Home and even telephones. Think 3rd year trained

Restb AI


AI-powered Visual Intelligence for Real Estate

Reveal by Propic


Reveal is where machine learning and real estate data collide to solve business problems +develop insights never before possible. Next-generation algorithms and AI transform big data into actionable insights, providing you with an advantage