Best Real Estate Online Auctions Platforms, Websites & Companies 2022

A comprehensive guide to real estate software, technology and innovators.

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Best Real Estate Online Auctions Software & Companies


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Stream live auctions both on-site and on-line.

Market Buy

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Market Buy is an Online Offer Management System that facilitates Online Auctions, Private Treaty and Fixed date Sales. Listing Agents are able to choose the parameters of the sales and determine which style of sale best suits.

Auctions Live

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AUCTIONS LIVE offers real estate agencies and auction houses around the world the ability to easily turn their websites into Property Auction Platforms by strategically implementing “plug and play” technology incorporating an elegant, minimalist design that embodies any agency’s brand….

Anywhere Auctions

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Our ground-breaking new platform streams Australian property auctions online and lets you bid from the comfort of your own couch. You never have to miss an auction because of time or distance again. What’s more, our service lets you research,…

Openn Negotiation

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Managed by real estate agents, Openn Negotiation is a transparent sales method which helps Buyers and Sellers find the true market price for a property, through an online bidding platform. How it works Once qualified, buyers can start bidding from…

Auction Now


AuctionNow is Australia’s newest and fastest way to watch, register, bid, buy and exchange on live property auctions. AuctionNow removes barriers to auction, exposing properties to a wider pool of potential buyers in real time.

Buying a home at auction just got a lot easier. The Gavl app live streams auctions in real-time. So you can browse, watch, bid and buy property at auction.