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There are three types of potential clients for your business who are browsing the internet while you’re reading this post:

  1. People who are thinking of selling their home right now and want to speak to an agent
  2. People who are evaluating agents
  3. People who are not thinking of selling at all

Why you should be marketing to homeowners, not JUST home sellers

There is a reason why the funnel is wider at the top – there are more people at this stage of their journey to selling their home. The opportunity, should you choose to create marketing for these people at the top of the funnel, is that there are far fewer agents marketing to those people.

Marketing your listings, results and your profile may be helpful to people in the second two stages of the funnel, but they are likely much less relevant to people who are not thinking of selling… yet.

Think about creating content that is part of the local conversation. Content that inspires, relates and entertains.

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This case study is one of many agents who are embracing the practice of content marketing – the art of communicating with your clients and prospects without selling or pitching your services.

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