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Don't Be That Typo Guy: 4 Reasons Why Your Content Needs A Second (And Third) Look

Hilarious puns aside, you don’t want to be that typo guy or gal. It can hurt more than you might realise.

The simplest error in your latest cutting-edge blog post, a rogue repeated word in your deeply researched white paper or a typo in that video you spent hours crafting into a work of art will not just dilute your message, it can derail it completely.

Think of a typo (yes, a typo – it only takes one) as a bad date. Small talk over the entrée was great but then your date drops the bomb that they used to be a woman/man, and that if you were to get serious you would have to open your home to his/her 37-year-old stepson Buck, who had some good leads on getting a job a year or so ago but his halitosis let him down. All of a sudden that promising rendezvous leaves a bad taste in your mouth and you just need to escape. And careless content can do the same thing to a potential client.

Here are four reasons Why Your Content Needs A Second (And Third) Look, or hire someone to do it for you.

1. You are a professional

In real estate, an agent’s image can make or break a sale and either attract or scare off a potential client. Terrible writing, typos, amateur content and lazy mistakes are a reflection on you. You wouldn’t present a bad physical image to a client, so don’t let lazy content drag you down with it.

2. If you can’t pick up an error in a blog, what else are you missing?

Typos happen. Sometimes they are downright hard to spot. But if you let the details slip in a seemingly simple task such as writing a blog, what other, far more important details have you missed? Potential clients might ask themselves the same question. If you can’t get your content right, how can I expect you to handle my contract, my marketing, my negotiations? Don’t give them a reason to stop trusting you.

3. Even if your audience keeps reading, what are they thinking about now?

I was reading a real estate website’s content on Facebook last week when a rather hilarious typo – which turned the name of a capital city’s best-selling suburb into a euphemism for a part of the human anatomy – had me chuckling for the rest of the article. It shifted my focus on what was otherwise well-written content. Don’t let a mistake derail your message.

4. You are a publisher now, so stand out for the right reason

In the rush to publish breaking news as fast as possible, mistakes have become more common but no less annoying. And, sadly, expected. Stand out for the right reason among your potential clients. Remember, you are not just sharing content but your stories. Let them deliver the punch for you, without giving your audience a reason to switch off.

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