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In today’s digital age, Australian real estate agents are frequently met with impressive promises of reach and impressions by software providers, ratings and review websites, marketing companies and our major portals. At every corner, these providers flash alluring metrics – more reach, more impressions – seducing businesses into buying what often results in mere surface-level success.

But beneath the glitter of these numbers, where lies the tangible impact?

Vanity Metrics vs Valuable Metrics

The market is awash with claims of extensive reach and numerous impressions. Why? Because they’re typically big numbers. But what does it mean when you delve deeper into these metrics? Do they convert into real engagement? More crucially, do they result in actual leads, sales and revenue?

Vanity metrics make us feel good. After all, it tells us that people are engaging with our stuff. But you can’t walk into your bank and deposit reach and impressions.

Real estate agents, their marketing teams, and principals should rigorously challenge software providers on these promises. If a provider can’t speak to lead generation or tangible results, then they’re essentially admitting that their strategy is surface-level at best.

“Brand Awareness” – A Convenient Excuse?

When pressed on performance, many providers might pivot to the defence that “it’s not just about leads; it’s about brand awareness”. While brand awareness is undoubtedly essential, it’s a term that’s often used to dodge accountability. In the world of real estate, where purchases are significant and trust is paramount, agents require more than just fleeting visibility. They need genuine engagement and conversion.

The Silent Achievers

Interestingly, some of the best marketing and software solutions available aren’t the loudest voices in the room. Why? They’re too engrossed in delivering actual results for their clients. These companies can indeed offer concrete data on lead generation and conversions. The catch? They aren’t always straightforward to find. These gems don’t typically employ aggressive sales tactics and they don’t maintain a 24/7 salesforce. Instead, they let their results speak for them, working behind the scenes to create lasting success for their discerning clientele.

The Call to Action

Australian real estate agents, it’s high time for a recalibration. As you navigate the digital landscape, remember not to be swayed merely by shiny numbers or high-flying promises. Demand evidence of actual impact. Seek out those silent achievers who are more focused on results than rhetoric. In doing so, you’ll be better positioned to harness the true power of digital marketing, leading to genuine engagement, trust, and revenue.

It’s time we stop being easily sold to. Demand to know, if you spend a dollar, how many dollars will this return? It is possible to get these answers. Just maybe not from those shouting the loudest about their products and services.

Challenge the status quo, question the buzzwords, and always prioritise genuine impact over fleeting impressions.

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