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Let’s face it: as a real estate agent, you can target almost any buyer or vendor segment imaginable through Facebook.

On top of that, the social media giant has done a fantastic job at expanding the places where your ads are shown. Over the past few years, the company has invested great effort into its advertising arms race against Google, resulting in the expansion of Facebook’s advertising placements.

In this article, you’ll learn about the variety of real estate Facebook ads placements at your disposal.

Real Estate Facebook Ads Placement Choices

When creating a new ad on Facebook, you’ll find yourself working through an organised workflow from campaign to ad set to ad.

Structure of Facebook Ad

At the ad set level is where you’ll work to establish placements for your ad once it goes live.

Placements detail where your ad will be shown to Facebook users when browsing on (or off) Facebook.

Here is an overview of the currently available ad placements and our recommendations.

NOTE: The goal for property or profile ads is, in most cases, to generate an enquiry at the lowest possible cost. These recommendations below are based on the tens of thousands of campaigns we’ve run for real estate agents in metropolitan and regional areas of Australia, and what performs best for different types of campaigns.

Facebook Feed

Real estate facebook ads placed in the Facebook feed appears intermingled in the feeds of the audiences you’re targeting. All objectives and ad types are available for this placement option.

Our recommendations: 

  • Leave on for all ad types.

Facebook Right Column

When you visit your Home screen on Facebook, you’ll notice the column that lines the right-hand side of your feed. This is where — on a desktop computer — you’ll have access to Stories, Business Pages you manage, upcoming Events, Watchlist videos, as well as right column ad placements. Traffic, Conversions, and Catalog Sales are the only objectives at your disposal for this placement with ad types limited to Image and Carousel.

Our recommendations: 

  • We do not recommend this ad placement for any listing type due to its high cost-per-click compared to other placements.

Facebook Instant Articles

Instant articles provide publishers with a way to keep audiences engaged with their brand on the Facebook app, through native displays of interactive content. The benefit to publishers optimising for this type of delivery is that load times typically measure up to be 10 times faster than that of the average mobile web article.

Real estate Facebook ads for this placement are interspersed throughout the length of an article and are available for all objectives except for Page Likes, Event Responses, Catalog Sales, Store Visits, and Messages.

Our recommendations: 

  • Leave on for all ad types.

Facebook In-Stream Video

The push for video on Facebook was inevitably met with a way for advertisers to capitalise on these pieces of creative. In-stream video ads are short (15-seconds max) videos that are played at highly engaged points of longer form content. They are offered for a limited subset of objectives that support video.

Our recommendations: 

  • Leave on for all video ad types.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace allows users to buy and sell items in one centralised location. Real estate Facebook ads in this placement appear as someone scrolls through available listings on their mobile device. They are available across all objectives except for Engagement, Page Likes, and App Installs.

Our recommendations: 

  • Leave on for all ad types.

Facebook Story Ads

A newer placement option offered by Facebook, Story ads on the platform function similar to those offered on Instagram. These allow for advertisers to place 15-second video, 5-second image stills, or 45-second Carousel ads in between organic stories played by users. Available objectives are limited and correspond with those that support video and carousel ad types.

Our recommendations: 

  • Leave on for all ad types

Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger Ad Placements

If a plethora of real estate Facebook ads placement options weren’t enough, the network also provides advertisers with other affiliated territories in which to reach their audience(s).


Using the same targeting, budgeting and objective options, Facebook advertisers can format their ad creative for Instagram as well. These ads will be placed in either the Instagram Feed or between Stories.

Our recommendations: 

  • Despite popular opinion, Instagram is a very poor performing ad placement for real estate listing ads and vendor-focused lead generation campaigns. The cost-per-click is, on average, 200% higher for these types of ads and generating enquiry is very expensive compared to all other ad placements. We don’t recommend using Instagram as an ad placement for campaigns that you are seeking to generate enquiry although you may like to use it for ‘boosted posts’ whereby you’re seeking engagement as a primary metric.

Audience Network

The Audience Network on Facebook gives advertisers the ability to follow users off the platform across participating mobile apps and websites. When choosing this real estate Facebook ads placement, you’ll be given the option to exclude certain publishers over others, based on different categories like, Mature, Dating, Political, etc.

Our recommendations: 

  • Leave on for all ad types. This is one of the best-performing ad placements in many cases as your ads are appearing ‘natively’ on third-party websites – including!

Facebook Messenger

Messenger home and sponsored messages — should you choose Messenger as the objective when first creating your campaign — are the two placement options made available through this selection. In the home view, users will see your ad as a banner that appears between received messages versus sponsored messages, which will appear as a new message in their inbox.

Our recommendations: 

  • Leave on for all ad types.

Optimising Real Estate Facebook Ads Placement By Campaign Objective

When setting up your real estate Facebook ads, the Placement section will default to ‘Automatic Placements’ as the recommended selection.

This will essentially opt you into allowing Facebook to display ads based on where “they’re likely to perform best”. However, we recommend taking matters into your own hands, selecting and deselecting placements based on where you anticipate them to perform best. Use our recommendations above as a starting point and test what works best for you.

Final Thoughts: Real Estate Facebook Ads Placement Ideas to Try

Say the end of your full funnel ad campaign ends with an offer for free property appraisals. Think about, if the shoe were on the other foot, how prone you’d be to taking a business up on that type of deal while watching your friends’ Facebook Stories.

Or reading through an Instant Article for

Or watching an adorable video about runaway dogs being reunited with their long-lost owners.

Remaining conscious of context as it relates to your audiences’ relationship with your real estate brand and the surrounding content will certainly make a difference in your long-term return.

Looking to take Facebook ads off your to-do list? Check out Agent Marketing Cloud’s Facebook Ads platform – Australia’s most powerful Facebook advertising platform built specifically for real estate.

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