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Firstly and most importantly, I hope you, your team and your family are doing ok right now.

Secondly, given the recent announcements by the Prime Minister this past week regarding the banning of open homes and live auctions, we know many of you are looking for ways to adapt to a new normal (hopefully short term).

While these restrictions will no doubt provide our industry with some challenges, it’s certainly not a time to go about business as usual. It’s time to get creative.

The interest and adoption of online auction platforms and virtual tours has grown exponentially as one might expect in a time like this, however, given this technology is still relatively new in its adoption by many businesses, the major portals, virtual tour software and online auction platforms are not yet configured in such a way for agents and consumers to engage with these services together easily (and on mass). It’s still all a bit clunky and disconnected.

The major portals do provide an ‘external link’ to online auction sites, however, these external links do not indicate to buyers (at the current time) what the link is actually for. It certainly doesn’t indicate any reference to online auction registration and given it’s against the terms of service with most property portals to add external links in the property description, it is very difficult to generate registrations for online auctions via the major property portals at the current time.

Rather than send people to an external virtual tour website or online auction website independently, talk to your web developer about adding these links to the property pages on your website, clearly visible to potential buyers so they can access these links in one place rather than trying to send people to multiple websites. Also, by sending and keeping people on your website, you are not competing against listings that belong to other agents.



Integrating these services into your own website is an opportunity to provide potential buyers with a more personal and streamlined experience during these challenging times, not to mention a point of difference for your vendors.

If you are not familiar with the online auction platforms or virtual tour software available, please check out our Stepps Index: 

And lastly, from our team to yours, stay positive, keep innovating and be nice to each other.

Author: Josh Cobb

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