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So often in our best laid marketing plans, we rack our brains trying to figure out the best ways to tackle the next big thing.

Whether that be social media or artificial intelligence, we can fall into a trending trap. And while it’s certainly not a bad thing to experiment and test new avenues for building awareness and traffic, never forget tried and true methods that provide a consistent return when compared to constantly changing algorithms.

Email is one channel that often gets discounted when up against its more en vogue counterparts (here’s looking at you, Snapchat). It remains a leader in ROI with a VentureBeat Insight study showing that, on average, users of email marketing systems see $38 in ROI for every $1 spent.

As with any marketing outlet, however, you need to develop a basic understanding for the ways in which an audience will interact with the content you create. In the case of email, we’re not simply referring to the main attraction (such as the email’s body content). We’re talking about the short snippet of copy most likely to influence whether anyone ever sees the inside of your email: the subject line.

The average email open rate for those in real estate sits at about 20.84%. When you benchmark your email marketing performance as a realtor, how do your efforts compare in relation to that number? If the answer is ‘below’, it’d be worth considering the ways in which you can develop more enticing, clickable real estate email subject lines.

Real Estate Email Subject Lines

Keep ‘Em Short & Sweet

While it may be difficult to draw a definitive line between real estate email subject line length and open rate, erring on the side of short may certainly work in your benefit when considering the number of emails opened via mobile.

Two-thirds of emails are read on either smartphones or tablets and most mobile devices only display 25-30 characters of a subject line in previews. Put two and two together and you’ve got yourself a need for short and simple.

With this in mind, a general rule of thumb is to place your most important words as close to the beginning of your real estate email subject lines as possible. For example, if you’re sending out an email in conjunction with a new blog post about real estate buyer horror stories, it’d make sense to draft a subject line along the lines of:

Home buyer horror stories to learn from.

As opposed to:

Learn from these home buyer horror stories.

Details, Details

Maintaining a positive email relationship between your real estate brand and its audience requires harnessing the ability to both capture attention quickly and deliver on your promise. This is to say that if your real estate email subject lines do not correspond with what’s inside, you’re going to see a decrease in open rates sooner rather than later.

In addition, there’s a difference between mystery and vagueness. Be straightforward and refrain from subject line fluff that doesn’t appeal to a reader’s short attention span as they scan through their inbox.

For example, try real estate email subject lines such as:

How to receive multiple offers on your home.
5 ways to approach making an offer on your dream home.

Get Personal

There’s a reason why most email marketing services offer the ability to automatically insert the first and/or last name of a subscriber from your email list. Personalizing your real estate email subject lines, even if it means simply addressing a person by name, can go a long way in influencing opens.

However, if you want to take individualization a step further, consider customizing subject lines based on the subject matter and segmented list you’re sending to. For example, consider dividing lists by the types of homes people are contacting you with interest in. You could then plan regular email sends with specified real estate email subject lines that call out the styles of homes or geographic location they seem to be drawn to.

An example of this might be:

American colonial homes for sale in Dane County.

Highlight a Level of Importance

People like to be in the know, plain and simple. This is why evoking a sense of importance in your email subject lines as a realtor can pay off in open rates. Consider incorporating strong adjectives into your real estate email subject lines, such as, “essential”, “best”, “new”, and “must-see”.

For example:

10 landscaping essentials for new homeowners.
Newly listed, must-see homes for sale in Dane County.
The best contractors for home upgrades in Dane County.

Appeal to Emotions

Humour, sentimentality, shock; these are all heavy-hitting emotions that can positively impact your real estate email subject lines opens. Connecting with people through emotions is just that: connecting. It’s the encouragement to read something based on a feeling rather than a logical judgement.

Numbers are a great way to approach emotional storytelling in a subject line. They set the stage with a clear sense of reward and allow any descriptive words that follow an ability to drive home the subject line sell.

For example:

5 Real Estate Terms You’ve Heard, Don’t Understand, But Probably Should
The 10 Unexpected Consequences of Hiring the Wrong Realtor

Create a Sense of Urgency

Few things encourage reaction faster than the sense of limited time. Whether in terms of expiration or a new piece of insight that won’t remain ‘new’ for long, put urgency at the forefront with phrases like, “today”, “don’t miss”, “only”, “limited”, “expiring”, “last”, etc.

For example:

These Newly Listed Homes Won’t Last Long!

Tease the Unknown

While vagueness certainly won’t work in your real estate email subject lines favour, building a sense of mystery will. This is often done well through the use of questions. By posing a question, you’re able to hint at what’s inside the email without directly calling out the obvious. It’s insinuated that the answer to a question posed in a subject line will be answered through the contents of what’s inside. All one has to do is open!

For example:

You’ve closed on the home of your dreams — now what?
How do you make an offer a seller can’t refuse?

How to Create the Best Real Estate Email Subject Lines

There’s no single formula to creating the perfect real estate email subject lines. It’s a culmination of knowing your audience, the content, and all of the small scene setting nuances in between that will ensure an email subscriber becomes a regular reader.

Have an email subject line tip that’s worked for your real estate business? Share it in the comments below!

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