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If you send enough email campaigns, you’ll inevitably run into spam filter issues – meaning, your emails won’t reach the inbox of your clients and prospects.

According to ReturnPath, about 21% of permission-based emails end up in junk folders and one of the main reasons for poor email deliverability is bounced emails.

What is a ‘bounced’ email exactly?

An email is declared as a ‘bounce’ when it cannot be delivered to the recipient and returns with an error message. Emails can bounce for several reasons: people change jobs, change ISPs, close or abandon their email accounts.

Bounced emails hurt your reputation and can even lead to your company being blacklisted, so it’s important to keep your bounce rate low (ideally as close to 0% as possible). A high bounce rate will also impact the reputation of your email service provider so if your bounce rate is too high (>4%), your account could be temporarily suspended as they move to protect themselves.

Popular email marketing platform MailChimp takes bounce rates very seriously:

If you’ve received a bounce warning, your bounce rate has exceeded industry thresholds established by ISPs (Internet Service Providers). MailChimp is required to enforce these thresholds, and excessive bounce rates can hurt your marketing outcomes, so we take bounce warnings seriously.

Regularly clean your email lists

A healthy email list is vital to your marketing success and it’s critical that you regularly clean your email list, removing duplicates and invalid addresses. Luckily, there is a swag of tools available today that make this tiresome task a breeze.

The tool we use for ourselves and our clients is called NeverBounce.

NeverBounce can clean any sized list in three simple steps:

  1. Upload your existing list.
  2. Download your new, clean list.
  3. Deliver up to 99.9% of your emails. Guaranteed*


Email marketing is far from simple, but following the tips above will position well ahead of your competitors. Always keep in mind that the cleaner your list is, the more likely your email will end up in someone’s inbox and not get caught in spam filters or junk mailboxes. A clean email list can make all the difference when it comes to generating new business. Get cleaning!

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