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4 Key Takeaways From AREC 2015

This year’s AREC conference was full of back-to-back value bombs with keynote addresses and networking with some of the most brilliant minds in real estate.

So, how does one choose just four key takeaways from an event filled with such a wealth of information? These are the ones that came up top for me.

1. What’s Your Story? Start Writing.

In his first or two keynotes at the conference, Les Brown delivered an open and honest account of his rise to the top with good old-fashioned hard work, and at one point, comparing his success to Donald Trump – who instead inherited an estimated $40 million to $200 million from his father to continue building an empire.

What I personally took from Les Brown‘s presentation was that our own life story isn’t written and tomorrow’s front page is yet without a headline. The only silver bullet to creating a life of wealth and happiness is to focus on writing what will be one heck of a good story to tell at the end of your career.

2. Even World-Class Agents Have Coaches.

I had the pleasure of meeting Michael Clarke through a mutual friend in the halls of the exhibition center just prior to his keynote presentation to 3,500 agents. What he told me was nerves certainly didn’t show as soon as he took to the stage. Michael choked back tears as he shared a brutally vivid account of a night where he couldn’t afford to put petrol in his car. But with the support of his wife Cherie and with a determination to learn from the best, Michael went on to build a multi-million dollar real estate business. How did he do it?

Michael surrounded himself with some of the industry’s best to learn why they are in fact, the best. He would drive across town every Friday morning to roleplay with one of his mentors and he spent countless hours fine-tuning his scripts and dialogues. Michael proves that even the best in this industry have coaches or mentors and they never stop learning.

3. Get Hungry.

Although a late addition to the speakers line-up, James Tostevin delivered his usual energy and polished performance we all admire from one of Australia’s top agents. James called for agents to get more competitive and says that agents who do the things that others don’t feel like doing, are the ones who will ultimately come out on top.

“I was always the guy at the office at 9:30pm at night because I knew my competitors weren’t. You’ve got to want it more.”

4. Don’t Be A Me-Too Brand.

For me, the standout was Tim Ferriss – entrepreneur, adviser to Uber, Shopify and Evernote, angel investor and author of the infamous book The 4-Hour Workweek.

Tim shared his thoughts on disruption, time management and sustainable business in an ever-changing landscape. Tim says we ought not to look within our industry for how the best do business and attempt to replicate them, but rather look at how traditional business has been disrupted in other industries and draw inspiration for our own marketplace as to not be another me-too brand.

Tim fielded questions from delegates during his keynote on day two and his response to one question in particular resonated strongly with our own core beliefs when it comes to marketing today. Tim believes your website and your email database are more important than ever as they are the only platforms that you can control 100%. You don’t own your audience on social media, you are effectively renting that audience. Should Facebook or others make changes to their algorithm that prevents you from reaching your audience, there’s nothing you can do about it.

Over to you. Were you at AREC 2015? What were the stand out moments and key takeaways for you? Leave a comment below.

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