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4 Key Takeaways From REinnovate For Real Estate Professionals

“You either make things happen, watch things happen, or be the one wondering ‘what happened?'” That was the powerful, poignant message from former News Corp chief executive and keynote speaker Kim Williams at the inaugural REinnovate conference in Sydney hosted by Sterling Publishing –  the team behind and

The event, the first of its kind in Australia for real estate businesses and helmed superbly by Sterling Publishing, put new tech, social media, data and digital ROI front and centre as agents and other industry pros delved into the realities of the digital now. A salient point permeated every session throughout the day – agents who embrace technology will thrive and those who don’t will dive. But the future is bright for those willing to adapt, think differently and embrace the “new normal”. Here are four key takeaways from REinnovate.

1. People are talking about you online – get involved

These conversations, be they glowing or gloomy, are happening whether you like it or not, so join in. That was the advice from the panel of social media pros who said that if people were going to discuss your business and your brand on Facebook, Twitter or any other social platform, why not be part of the narrative. The panelists also said real estate professionals needed to know why they were entering the social media space – brand awareness, leads or customer loyalty. Determine your social strategy and stay on message.

2. Talk data to me … big data

The term is tossed around mainstream media but few know what it is or how to handle it. Ian Campbell from Onthehouse Group put it simply for delegates: collect it, segment it smartly and be proactive in decoding the story it tells. From anticipating when a landlord might be on the prowl for a new property manager to knowing when someone in your area is thinking of selling, the answers are all there – agents just need to know how to join the dots. The result is leads, sales and increasing revenue, and it’s all spelt out in numbers many agents already have.

3. C’mon get appy

Tech tools are here to help and many will save you time, money and a lot of headaches. Apps that communicate with each other and record insights and data across the sales journey can help you streamline and improve your processes. Google Apps can help you close deals and do business no matter where you are, while CRMs such as Base, design apps such as Word Swag and e-commerce web integrations can make your digital offerings shine and cut the cost of doing business.

4. ROI: Focus more on the I, not the R,

All agents want an acceptable ROI when it comes to social media marketing, but the return is only as good as the investment you make – and that doesn’t necessarily mean pouring in money. Thinking smart by using Twitter to be useful and answer your potential clients’ questions or solve their problems can pay huge dividends, all with a minimal investment of your time. Get clever and use data insights about the right type of investment, and the return will pay you back and then some.

Your turn.

What is the “one thing” REinnovate has inspired you to get started on?

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