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hastings + co



hastings + co is a specialist real estate support company offering professional, expert advice, state of the art solutions and training across a comprehensive range of real estate administrative services.

Being a niche market leader since 2010, hastings + co have firmly established themselves as the industry specialists when fast, cost effective solutions and professional expertise is required.

hastings + co provide expert solutions to overwhelming organizational problems and liberate businesses from costly overheads by outsourcing certain components of their administration.

hastings + co’s signature “Diamond Service” is delivered by a dynamic team of industry trained, technical savvy and passionate real estate professionals. All team members have different areas of expertise, but the single minded focus is to collectively deliver outstanding service and powerful results every time. Their innovative, fresh approach to providing solutions and opportunities to maximize your business efficiency will result in more time for you to focus on the other priorities of your business and gain an advantage over your competitors.

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