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The team at PropertySafe are committed to property inspections that save lives and prevent injury. We know we have already managed to prevent deaths and personal harm by identifying risks in the home and we are dedicated to continuing to do this every day.

PropertySafe is an Australian owned, national service. We specialise in safety inspections on residential, owner-occupied, and rented (self-managed) properties across Australia and New Zealand. Our team assess properties on behalf of their owners, landlords, and property managers to provide recommendations that maximise the safety of occupants.

PropertySafe is proud to bring you the world’s first inspection and reporting system (patent-pending), specifically designed to address the risks and issues associated with personal injury in and around homes. Based on our extensive research into the most common areas of personal risk and subsequent litigation within residential properties, we have developed 5 customized reports for homeowners and landlords. We identify 16 risk areas and inspect in excess of 120 individual risks that exist around the normal property.

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