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Experienced real estate agents will tell you that one of their strongest vendor lead sources is the conversations they have with prospective buyers at open homes and asking the question “do you have a property to sell”?

But working with buyers is not just a great vendor lead source offline, it can be even more powerful online, provided you follow a few simple steps.

In this article, learn how making one simple change to your website can generate quality vendor leads (even while you sleep!) by asking one simple question.

Example: Laing+Simmons

Any way you look at it, Laing+Simmons is a real estate franchise with a fondness for innovation. It takes a certain kind of boldness to set out to change the way a traditional real estate website works, and that spirit is summed up with LSRE’s mantra “Beyond The Expected”.

With that boldness in mind, we were asked to create a unique website that empowered their 61 offices with the tools they need to build relationships with more homeowners and investors, whilst also setting the tone for all communications with the Laing+Simmons brand going forward.

WATCH: “The story behind building the Laing+Simmons website”

One thing you’ll notice when visiting the Laing+Simmons website is that almost every page contains a call-to-action targeted to homeowners visiting the site.

Each agent’s own dedicated “Price Estimate” landing page

Think of your website as a bucket. Traffic is the water – filling your bucket. You can drive as much traffic as you like but if you’re not asking for the business everywhere it makes sense to do so, your website is likely a very leaky (and expensive!) bucket.

How A Simple (And Obvious) Change To Your Website Can Generate More Vendor Leads

While property search is important to have on you website to showcase your listings, the primary goal for your website should be to attract and convert more vendor leads. And every page of your website needs to play a part in converting your traffic into leads. The placement of calls-to-action in the examples above are obvious, but there’s one more place on your website you’re probably losing potential new business – your listings.

If you look at your Google Analytics account on a regular basis, you’ll likely notice that the most visited pages on your website are those relating to listings. If you’re sending bulk email/SMS campaigns to your database contacts (and who isn’t!?), this is the reason why.

The overwhelming majority of people looking at listings on your website come from your bulk email and SMS campaigns. And we know this because Google Analytics tells us.

Have you heard the saying ‘buyers are sellers and sellers are buyers’? It’s a popular saying in real estate because it’s true. And… we have the data to prove it.

At the bottom of every listing page on Laing+Simmons’ website, there is a call-to-action asking website visitors “Do you need to sell before you buy?”

Simple right? Yes, it is! But it’s also very effective.

Of all the places this call-to-action exists on the website, including the home page, blog articles, service pages and agent profiles, it is the pages relating to listings that this call-to-action performs best.

Below are the results from a recent 7 day period – notice also that the quality of the lead is much stronger than other sources throughout the website.

This simple strategy proves a really important point: If your email and SMS campaigns are directing people to the major portals or social media, you’re missing a huge opportunity. Be selfish about where you send your potential buyers and sellers. It pays to make your website their first and final destination.

And if you’re not sending people to your listing pages on your website because you’re embarrassed by the look and feel of your own website, get a new website.


If you’re thinking of rebuilding your website, or you’ve already started the process, don’t just build another real estate website. There are far too many of those out there already and they’re not all that effective.

Instead, think of your website as a bucket filling with water. What are you doing to put more water (traffic) in the bucket? And what are you doing to ensure the water isn’t leaking out the sides?

Is your website a lead-generating machine? Or just a very expensive online brochure?

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