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Powered by Google Vertex AI

An industry-first property search experience, seamlessly integrating AI-powered local insights with the listing pages on your real estate website. Provide an in-depth overview of the area and property they’re interested in with just one click.

Exclusively available to Stepps website clients.

Attract more buyers to your website. Give them more reasons to stay.

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What is 

Local Insights is a website add-on that provides buyers with rich data on the suburb and listing they’re interested in powered by Google’s Vertex AI: a unified artificial intelligence platform.

Buyers today want more than just a property description. They want a deep understanding of the local area. As a local real estate agent, no one else is better equipped to answer those questions than you. That’s why we’ve designed Local Insights to give you and your team full control of the questions that buyers commonly ask and deliver an experience like nowhere else online.

Local Insights is seamlessly and natively integrated into your website, with no external linking or chatbots taking your visitors outside your website. This means buyers will spend longer on your website.

Meet some of the real estate businesses like yours that are enhancing their website with Stepps.

Powerful, fully customisable and flexible.

You and your team choose the questions that get asked and how they are displayed. Add specific questions for residential, rental and/or commercial listings.

Use merge fields to customise your prompts for the listing and suburb that a buyer is interested in.

Customise the look and feel

Choose between ‘expanded’ or ‘discreet’ mode to suit your preference.

Optimised for mobile devices

Over 60% of traffic to listing pages comes from mobile devices. Local Insights is fully optimised for mobile devices, giving buyers all the information they need at their fingertips.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a set up fee?

No. There are no set-up fees for

Are there any ongoing fees?

Monthly fee: $44 p/month incl. gst* + Google API charges.

Google charges $0.0010 per 1,000 characters which roughly equates to $0.02 per question.

A sample monthly billing for Google’s API might look like this:
100 questions asked x $0.02 = $2.00.

* Monthly fee is per website. Contact us for multi-website (franchise website) pricing.

I'm not a Stepps website client. Can I still access

Currently, is only available to Stepps website clients.

Do I need to configure anything?

Yes – the questions presented to buyers/tenants on your listing pages need to be configured by you or your team.

We’ve designed the platform this way to give you, the local expert, full control over the types of questions people can ask on your listing pages.

You can easily add new questions or edit/remove existing questions via your website dashboard.

Where do you get the data from? is powered by Google’s Vertex platform: a unified artificial intelligence platform that has deep integration with Google’s other systems, including Google Search and websites indexed by Google.

Who decides the questions that appear on our listing pages?

You do! You are the local expert. You are the one with the insights. You can control the questions that get asked via the menu in your website dashboard.

You can choose to display specific questions for sales vs. rentals, land or commercial listings.

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