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It’s that time of year again!

As the real estate market starts to cool leading into Christmas and as agents start to advise vendors to hold off from selling until the new year, it’s usually now that teams are sitting down together to plan out their marketing and business strategies for the new year.

It’s during these strategic planning meetings that teams consider what marketing they’ll do in the new year – new ideas, new strategies, new channels to try out. But very rarely is there a discussion about what ‘not-to-do’.

By adding more tasks to your marketing calendar, it certainly doesn’t guarantee more results. In fact, if you don’t remove the tasks that haven’t been working, you’re only creating more work for your marketing and admin teams.

By creating a marketing ‘not-to-do’ list of all the things that didn’t generate outcomes for you this year, you are freeing up time for everyone in your business to try new things next year.

Don’t be afraid to drop what’s not working and allow more time to try what might.

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