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Being Sticky And Contagious

You may be looking at that title and thinking “eew, when is sticky and contagious a good thing?” But the truth is when you are talking about your marketing content, being sticky and contagious is exactly what you want to be.


Sticky gets a bad rap sometimes. “Get stuck in” makes you feel like you are about to tackle something big and unpleasant. And a “sticky beak” implies that you are more nosey than curious. But sticky can be a good thing when you are referring to your messaging.

When you are sharing your marketing messaging, making it sticky means that it stays with the reader or viewer, long after they have seen your message. Think of that television commercial with the jingle you just can’t get out of your head. That is sticky content. And that is marketing gold. Your aim should always to be creating something that stays with your customer, and stays top of mind.

One of the best ways to create sticky content is to include examples that resonate. Tell a story that will appeal to your reader, instead of just selling. Storytelling is one of the best ways to make your content sticky.


Contagious is another word that often cops a bad reputation. And rightly so, as no one wants to be around someone who is contagious, right?

But when you are crafting a marketing message, contagious is an excellent goal. Create something that others are compelled to share. Create something that is infectious, and engaging; the kind of message, story, or imagery that I can’t wait to tell others about.

A key to creating contagious content is to make it visual. Photos and videos are shared far more than text, so finding ways to tell your story with visual aids is important.

Remember that you aren’t just marketing yourself or your product. You are creating a relationship with your audience. Focus on ways to make your message one that will stick with them, and inspire them to tell others as well.

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