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When sales and marketing align, revenue increases, the sales cycle shortens, and conversion rates improve. But in many real estate businesses, marketing and sales still operate as separate entities.

I’ve spent most of my working life in real estate, starting in a property management department when I was 19 with the hopes and dreams of moving into a sales role at some point in time.

I had a fortunate start to my real estate career. I worked with a team who, each week, would bring together all departments for the weekly sales meetings – not just the sales team. Marketing, property management, sales… we were all there at 8am every Friday and we would role-play the different scenarios that had happened that week and the different objections that our salespeople and BDMs received. We’d role-play the possible scenarios that may happen in the future.

The marketing department could see our agents and BDMs act out the real-life scenarios they face on the front line each day – the conversations they had with consumers – and it gave them insight into the challenges our agents and BDMs faced each day, well beyond what they would have received if they were sitting in their office just ‘doing marketing’.

This is something that I feel is lacking in a lot of real estate businesses – getting the marketing department out onto the front line with the salespeople, the BDMs, the property managers, to get an understanding of what’s happening in real life to understand the real estate consumer at a much deeper level and to better inform their marketing campaigns and objectives.

Let’s be honest, the marketing department generally has no idea what’s happening on the front line of a real estate business because they’re busy doing the marketing.

They’re uploading social media posts, they’re running social media campaigns, they’re uploading your portal ads, they’re getting the photographer, and the videographer, and the 3D floor plans, and the virtual tours and so on.

Salespeople and BDMs: Get your marketing team involved, out on the front line, so they can understand how you speak to people – your vendors, your landlords, your tenants, your buyers. And let them listen to how those consumers are responding to you so that they can have a solid understanding of the level of communication that happens on the front line.

It’s going to make them better marketers. It’s going to help them attribute more of the work that they do to your traffic, leads, and sales that you get. And overall, it just makes for a much more fun working environment in the office as well.

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