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63: Josh Cobb: 8 Facebook Marketing Essentials For Real Estate Agents

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Facebook is still the biggest and most popular social network by far. In this episode of Real Estate Pros, we’ll explore 8 Facebook Marketing Essentials For Real Estate Agents. 

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Josh Cobb - 8 Facebook Marketing Essentials For Real Estate Agents

Despite what some “social media gurus” might tell you, Facebook is still the biggest and most popular social network by far. In fact, it’s also the most popular network among real estate professionals.

In our 2015 Real Estate Industry Social Media Marketing Report, we learnt 87% of real estate professionals used Facebook to market their business. Yet, despite its widespread use, many agents reported that their efforts weren’t as effective as they would like.

So here’s a few ideas to consider if you’re marketing yourself or your agency on Facebook.

Number 1 – What are you setting out to achieve?

When it comes to a social media marketing strategy, there are only three goals in my opinion. The first is brand awareness. The second is lead generation and last but certainly not least is client fulfilment or retention. Each of these has a set of numbers that will tell you whether you’re succeeding or not.

For brand awareness, it’s the growth of your audience and engagement.

For leads, it’s opt-ins on your website, Facebook ads or inquiry forms on your website.

For client loyalty or retention, it’s all about customer satisfaction ratings like Net Promoter Score.

By picking just one goal, you will achieve other goals without trying. But by focusing on all three, you will achieve none. A social media strategy dedicated entirely to customer retention and loyalty will produce leads for your business. But if all you are doing is trying to generate leads as a primary goal, I can’t promise you the same result.

Number 2 – Where are your fans hanging out online?

I recently met with a business owner of a large agency in the eastern suburbs of Sydney with an average rent of more than $1200 a week. This particular business had a strong focus on building its rent roll over the next 12 months. We discovered the audience on Facebook for her local market were not those likely to need a property manager any time soon.

If the people most likely to engage you as a real estate professional are not on social media, you need to ask yourself if spending time there is going to deliver outcomes over alternative marketing strategies. If your audience isn’t on Facebook, it might not be a channel worth pursuing. Just because your competitors are on Facebook, doesn’t mean you need to be as well.

Number 3 – Stop thinking like a real estate agent

Let’s face it – no one wakes up in the morning thinking, “I wonder what my local real estate agent has posted today?” Think about the kind of content your fans are genuinely interested in and why they’re on Facebook in the first place. For the majority of your fans, they definitely don’t care about your latest listings.

Number 4 – Know when your fans are online

Posting when your fans are online increases the chance that they will see your content. Go to the insights tab on your company Facebook page – you will see Facebook has done all the hard work for you. By knowing these numbers you can dramatically increase engagement for your brand. Remember that old saying, ‘If a tree falls in the woods but no one is around to see it, did it actually happen?’ The same goes for the content you are posting on Facebook.

Number 5 – Pay-to-play

Facebook Ads provide powerful targeting to boost awareness of popular posts, gain new subscribers to blog and to generate opt-ins for things such as ebook offers. You can take it a step further by using tracking pixels on your website to target Facebook ads to people that have been to specific pages of your website. You can also retarget ads to people on your database by using their email address or mobile number they used when signing up for Facebook.

Number 6 – Convert your fans into website visitors wherever possible

Don’t build your social media house on rented land. Your audience is the house and Facebook is the rented land. Try to turn your Facebook fans into website visitors where you have the ability to convert them into subscribers for your enewsletter, your blog or leads for your business. If Facebook were to shut down tomorrow, you’d lose access to all of those fans you’ve spent years accumulating. Start securing your audience by turning those fans into email subscribers.

Number 7 – Lock down your account

I’ve met too many business owners that have had a staff member start a company Facebook page, build their audience and then leave the business only to then delete the page and leave the business owner wondering what happened. The business owner should be the primary admin of the company Facebook page and assign users to the page.

Number 8 – Always respond to complaints

Complaining on social media is a spectator sport. When someone complains about your company on social media, it’s not like a telephone or email complaint where only you and the complainant know about it – all of your fans see it and everyone awaits the next move. By not responding – or worse, deleting the post – you’re not only aggravating the person who made the complaint, but you’re showing your other fans that you really don’t care too much about customer service.

Putting a name to your response will show that you care and might just help resolve the dispute there and then. If you’ve taken the online complaint into an offline environment and helped resolve the dispute, you might just convince the person who made the complaint to remove their comment.

So there you have it – eight actionable strategies for marketing yourself or your agency on Facebook. Did you find them helpful? Are you ready to get away from just increasing your “likes” and instead driving actual business outcomes from your marketing on Facebook?

I certainly hope that you are, or that you will.

Good luck.

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