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105: Josh Cobb: Facebook Live Video – What Real Estate Agents Need To Know

By |November 18, 2016| One Comment


Have you heard of Facebook Live video? Do you want to use Facebook Live for your real estate business?

Facebook Live lets you connect with your clients, prospects and followers by sharing real-time video of what you’re seeing and doing.

In this episode of Real Estate Pros, you’ll learn why Live video on Facebook out-performs all other content types, how real estate agents are using it to market themselves or their business and why you should consider it for your business sooner rather than later.

Facebook Live Video: What Real Estate Agents Need To Know

On 5 August 2015, Facebook introduced Live video to its platform.

Initially, Live video was only available to celebrities with a verified Page. Among some of the celebrities were Ricky Gervais, Dwayne Johnson (known as The Rock) and celebrity commentator Perez Hilton. They were all given early access to this new feature within Facebook that gave them the ability to broadcast live video to hundreds of thousands of people.

Months later, Facebook opened up Live video to all users, not just celebrities. It gave all of us, as brands and individuals, the ability to simply pick up our device and broadcast to the world in real time, from within Facebook.

Since the launch of Facebook Live to all brand Pages, real estate agents have been using it in a number of creative ways. One of the most popular has been broadcasting live auctions. were one of the first to try it out by choosing locations around Australia and having a reporter broadcast an auction live to Domain’s Facebook audience.

Suddenly, we all had the ability to sit in our lounge room and watch an auction take place in real-time from the other side of the country.

As agents and agencies around Australia started to realised they too had the ability to broadcast live video from their Facebook Page, they started to try it out for themselves.

Today, we’re seeing Facebook Live being used for many other purposes, such as exclusive open for inspections or Q&A style videos – whereby someone can ask an agent in real-time a particular question they have about real estate. We’ve even seen property managers start a Facebook Group for a particular property they manage and share that Group with only the landlord of the property to broadcast their routine inspections live to the landlord – where they can interact and ask questions while the property manager is conducting the inspection.

The list goes on and on and the possibilities with Facebook Live video are endless, but here’s the thing – the agents who out there right now testing what works, are the ones who are winning the game of attention on social media.

The agents who out there right now testing what works, are the ones who are winning the game of attention on social media.

In March 2016, Facebook publicly stated that they are prioritising Live video over other content types, including photos and text, because of the amount of engagement they have generated with Facebook Live to date.

Not only do Facebook Live videos get shown organically to more of your followers, but those followers will also get a notification when you start a broadcast – something that doesn’t happen with any other type of content on Facebook.

What this means is that agents who are using Facebook Live, are reaching a lot more people at a much lower cost than other agents who are posting just photos and text-based posts. Recording a Live video is as simple as logging into your Facebook Page on your smartphone or tablet, tapping the button that says Live, giving your video a title and summary and tap go.

Facebook have announced that you will soon have the ability to pre-schedule your Live videos and send a link to your followers or email subscribers so they know exactly when to tune in.

Facebook have put a flag in the sand to become the number one video platform on the web, so we will likely see many more features added to Facebook Live that help us as brands to reach our audience. But if you’re sitting back, waiting to see what happens with Live video before you jump in yourself, you might be too late by the time you do.

When Facebook, or any digital platform for that matter, launch a new feature or service, they get as many people using that feature or service as possible, by rewarding them with reach at a relatively low, or no, cost. But at some point in time, when that new feature or service reaches critical mass, Facebook will monetize that new feature or service by asking us all to pay up if we want to continue reaching our followers.

When Facebook gave brands the ability to have a presence on its platform with brand Pages back in 2010, it was relatively easy to reach your followers. Over time, as more brands started using Facebook for business purposes, Facebook began limiting organic reach and it suddenly became pay-to-play.

Facebook Live Video: What Real Estate Agents Need To Know|

Facebook bought Instagram for $1 Billion in 2012 and the same thing is now happening to brands on that platform. Mark my words, the same thing will eventually happen to Facebook Live.

If you’re a regular listener to our podcast, you know how much we talk about the importance of using your website as the centrepiece of your digital marketing universe because it’s the only platform that you own. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be using tools such as Facebook Live video to amplify our best content and, at every chance possible, turn our social media followers into website visitors and email subscribers.

Agents who are using Facebook Live right now are winning the game of attention on social media at a relatively low cost. If it makes sense for your business, Facebook Live is a powerful tool to reach many of your followers, well over and above other types of content such as photos and text.

Agents who are using Facebook Live right now are winning the game of attention on social media at a relatively low cost.

But remember, Facebook will turn on the money tap eventually. The engagement that Facebook Live users are getting right now will not last forever. So ride the crest of the golden wave while you can.

Good luck.

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