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59: Josh Cobb: Get More Marketing Impact With Less Content In 2016

By |December 18, 2015| No Comments


In this episode of Real Estate ProsJosh Cobb shares how to produce more marketing impact with less content output in 2016.

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Josh Cobb: Get More Marketing Impact With Less Content In 2016

I always like to spend the quieter weeks leading into Christmas to get myself into planning mode for the upcoming year. For our 2016 plan, I’ve been concentrating on a strategy that the Content Marketing Institute has been talking a lot about lately.

A line from CMI’s chief strategy officer, Robert Rose, goes like this:

“We should plan for creating the least amount of content, with the most amount of impact.”

In October, we ran a series of digital marketing workshops for real estate professionals and during each of these one-day sessions we asked the class a series of questions about the content they were creating for themselves as individual real estate agents or for their agency.

The questions went like this:

  • What would happen if you didn’t send out that newsletter to your local database this week?
  • What if you didn’t publish that blog post this week?
  • What if you decided not to film that market update video this month?

Would anyone miss it? Would anyone notice at all? Would one of your clients or prospects call or email you to tell you how disappointed they were that you didn’t send them that content?

It’s at this point during the workshop that everyone in the class typically laughed. Why? Because instinctively, they know for the most part that the content they’re creating really isn’t valued by their audience. Does this sound like your company?

If yes, it’s time to think long and hard about the content you would like to produce in 2016. If the content you are creating isn’t valued by your audience, maybe it’s time to stop.

Make sure you focus on creating content that is of inherent value to a specific audience. Find out what people in the community are talking – or even just thinking – about and focus on creating content that aligns exactly with those things. It may not have anything to do with real estate.

Then and only then will that email newsletter be worth sending, that blog worth publishing or that market update video worth filming and sending out.

Do you want to stand out in your market as the leading authority on all local news? Do you want to cut through the clutter of the same old mindless content that every other real estate agent is putting out there?

If so, we need to really put in the effort and be thoughtful about the kind of content we produce and why we’re producing it, in 2016. Remember, more content doesn’t necessarily mean more attention.

It’s time to start creating the least amount of content, that will have the maximum amount of impact for your business.

Good luck.

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