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19: Gavin Croft: How BresicWhitney Are Redefining Real Estate

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Gavin Croft, head auctioneer and sales team manager at BresicWhitney, joins Real Estate Pros to discuss How BresicWhitney Are Redefining Real Estate in the communities they serve. We also discuss Gavin’s background in real estate and why culture beats strategy in a real estate business.

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How BresicWhitney Are Redefining Real Estate

How BresicWhitney Are Redefining Real Estate

Show Notes

“Culture, values and purpose are at the forefront of the BresicWhitney sales team. Development, learning and open communication provide the leverage to be industry leaders. It is with this foundation our salespeople are encouraged to unlock their true potential.” – Gavin Croft

Taking out back-to-back REIA NSW Auctioneer of the Year awards in 2013 and 2014, Gavin describes BresicWhitney as an innovative and unconventional brand that continually strives to change industry perceptions through offering a unique customer experience.

BresicWhitney is a premium boutique real estate company, operating in Sydney’s east and inner-west regions, and is an innovative, unconventional brand that continually strives to change industry perceptions through offering a unique customer experience and providing exceptional market and product knowledge.

Join us as Gavin takes us behind the scenes at BresicWhitney and his background in real estate, including one particular deal that would have landed many agents in a lot of hot water with their principal.

Key Takeaways

Fast Five

Who has been an inspiration to you throughout your career?
Ivan Bresic & Shannan Whitney.”

What are your favourite things in the world to do when you’re not at the office?
“Give me an auction to call and I’m the happiest guy in the world, but outside of work it’s all about family.”

What is your favourite business book?
Leadership Agility – By Bill Joiner & Stephen Josephs.”

What is your favourite technology resource you use daily to help you run a better business?
“I don’t really have one. This interview is the first time I’ve used Skype.”

What is ‘one thing’ that prevents people in real estate from achieving success and what would your advice be to overcome it?
“Taking it for granted that you’re representing someone’s biggest asset. That’s why our agents spend three to four years learning our systems before they are allowed out in the field to list and sell real estate.”

Success Quote

“Success is a journey, not a destination.” – Arthur Ashe

Fast Fact of the Week

The Mobile Behaviour Report by Salesforce Marketing Cloud found that 46% of consumers believe that brands do not provide meaningful content in social media.

Discovery of the Week

Facebook Interest Targeting allows you to aim posts to people in a number of standard demographic groups, including gender, age, language, location and even relationship status.

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