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27: Nathan Brett: How To Build A Faster, Stronger And More Profitable Rent Roll Business

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Nathan Brett, director at Real Estate Dynamics, joins Real Estate Pros to discuss how to build a faster, stronger and more profitable rent roll business. Nathan shares with us the successes and failures of his real estate career and the challenges he faced in growing a rent roll from 230 properties to 1,010 in ten years.

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Nathan Brett: How To Build A Faster, Stronger And More Profitable Rent Roll Business

Show Notes

Nathan Brett is celebrating 21 extraordinary years in real estate this year.

That 21-year history has seen a plethora of notable achievements.

  • Owner of an award-winning agency that succeeded in achieving almost a 350% increase in managements over a 10 year period
  • Coaching and mentoring many new recruits into real estate who are now industry leaders in their own right
  • Developing business cultures that foster strong and effective teamwork
  • Active member and business adviser on multiple chapters and committees, and
  • Part-ownership and directorship of Real Estate Dynamics

It is within his role at Real Estate Dynamics that Nathan has been able to best utilise his experience and industry accomplishments to fulfil his first passion – to help others gain the skills and knowledge to achieve their own real estate dreams. Showing extraordinary resourcefulness, passion and energy, Nathan continues to be one of the industry’s most sought-after coaches and advisors.

Over the last four years at Real Estate Dynamics he has literally changed the fortunes of hundreds of real estate agencies across Australia and helped thousands of individuals to reach their potential. Nathan’s time is currently divided between developing and delivering highly specialised property management training and undertaking rent roll business coaching across Australia to help businesses ‘turbo charge’ themselves to the ‘next level’.

You do not have to go far to hear the many glowing testimonials about his capacity to make a difference. Nathan has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge – clearly evidenced by his ever-increasing library of books on leadership and business ideologies. All this contributes to his ability to understand the business of real estate, and more specifically how rent rolls and property management contribute to the bottom line and success of agency practice.

There is so much valuable content in this episode with Nathan so don’t miss it! Be sure to tune in to hear all the incredible insights and wisdom that Nathan shares.

Please join us in thanking Nathan for being here today, and thanks to you as well for joining. We’ll see you next time on Real Estate Pros podcast.

Fast Five

Who has been an inspiration to you throughout your career?
“I can’t pick one – I would have to say it’s the people I work with who are the most inspiration to me.”

What is your favourite thing in the world to do when you’re not at the office?
“I love to cook and entertaining in my home and I also enjoy swimming – I can often be found in the pool or the ocean.”

What is your favourite business book?
“Recently, I would have to say The ONE Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan.”

What is your favourite technology resource you use daily to help you run a better business?
“It’s Airbus’s and Boeing’s – It’s fascinating to me that we can be doing a talk in the western suburbs of Sydney in the morning and then be coaching a rent roll business on the north-side of Brisbane the very same day.”

What is ‘one thing’ that prevents people in real estate from achieving success and what would your advice be to overcome it?

Success Quote

“Look after the people and the money will look after itself.”

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