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72: Josh Cobb: How To Use Google As Your Best Marketing Tool In Real Estate

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In 2015, there was 2.5 million real estate related searches on Google in Australia – every month!

The best person to answer those real estate related questions is… you guessed it… you. You are on the front line of our industry. You are the person with all of the insight in your local market.

But the sad reality for real estate professionals is the overwhelming majority of search traffic is going to industry providers such as the major portals and news sites – not real estate agency websites. They are the ones answering the questions that people are asking.

How To Use Google As Your Best Marketing Tool In Real Estate

The opportunity for you as a real estate professional is to become the leading informational provider in your local market by leveraging Google – just like the big players do.

And the best part is, hardly anyone else is doing it.

I recently gave a presentation at Elite Agent Magazine’s Transform program – joining John McGrath, Claudio Encina and an impressive panel of coaches – where I shared one simple strategy that – if done consistently over time – will dominate your competition online.

Check it out!

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