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17: Holli Beckman: How To Win New Business From Social Media By Putting Your Clients First

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Holli Beckman, vice-president of marketing and leasing at WC Smith, joins Real Estate Pros to discuss How To Win New Business From Social Media By Putting Your Clients First. Holli shares insights into their marketing initiatives gaining worldwide attention including a Twitter campaign that generated $150,000 in revenue.

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Holli Beckman: How To Win New Business From Social Media By Putting Your Clients First

Show Notes

One of the most common misconceptions about social media is the louder you shout, the better you’ll be heard. Most real estate businesses think, “I need to get more clients from social media,” and that’s only natural for salespeople and BDMs because they’re paid to get more clients. But when was the last time you personally logged into Facebook and found a business more interesting than your own family and friends?

Join us in this episode of Real Estate Pros as we discuss How To Win New Business From Social Media By Putting Your Clients First.

Based in Washington DC, Holli Beckman and her team is garnering worldwide attention for their marketing initiatives, including one particular Twitter campaign that generated $150,000 in revenue.

Embracing the fact that social media is a place where people sometimes go to vent their frustration, Holli Beckman took to Twitter with a mission to help solve people’s problems. Speaking to Jay Baer and Erica Campbell Byrum, the authors of Youtility For Real Estate: Why Smart Real Estate Professionals Are Helping Not Selling, Holli said:

“I just started offering help. If someone complained, ‘My roommate sucks’ or ‘I can’t find a good roommate,’ I would tweet them and point them to a blog post we had already written about that,” says Holli. “But then I started tweeting more open-ended responses like: ‘Hey, I saw that you’re overwhelmed. It can be overwhelming. If you need any assistance, let me know.’ And people responded immediately to that.”

In just 30 days, Holli generated more than 100 leads for her company, all from this initiative alone.

Total cost? Zero.

Key Takeaways

Fast Five

Who has been an inspiration to you throughout your career?
Warren Buffet.”

What are your favourite things in the world to do when you’re not at the office?
“Mentoring real estate entrepreneurs and supporting our charity Team In Training – a fundraising program of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS).” SUPPORT HOLLI >

What is your favourite business book?
Rework – by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson ”

What is your favourite technology resource you use daily to help you run a better business?
Buffer App – Social media scheduling and management tool.”

What is ‘one thing’ that prevents people in real estate from achieving success and what would your advice be to overcome it?
“Stop competing. When you’re competing, you’re focused on your opponent and not your customer.”

Success Quote

Screw it, let’s do it.

Fast Fact of the Week

A report published by found that Facebook video posts have completely overtaken YouTube video posts. Marketers are now turning to Facebook video first – and the trend seems to be picking up speed.

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