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100: Josh Cobb: How We Grew Our Audience To 42,000 Email Subscribers

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From day one in real estate, you are schooled on the value of a database. You are taught how important it is to nurture your clients and prospects with helpful information until the opportunity arises to list their property.

The challenge, especially for those new to the industry, is getting people onto your database in the first place.

In this special episode #100 of Real Estate Pros, we’re taking you on a rare look behind the scenes of how we grew our email audience to 42,000 subscribers using a business approach that’s been around for hundreds of years – a marketing strategy that more and more agents today are adding to their weekly marketing activities.

How We Grew Our Audience To 42,000 Email Subscribers

For reasons I don’t quite fully understand, in just under two years, Real Estate Pros Podcast has been downloaded by real estate professionals from all over the world more than 90,000 times. Not only that, we’ve had 42,000 agents and industry providers subscribe to receive our weekly episode directly into their email inbox every Sunday morning.

The impact this podcast has had on the growth of our business has been well beyond my expectations when I started the business nearly two years ago to the day.

I’ve been extremely lucky that some of real estate’s biggest names have said yes to an interview on our show of which I enjoy getting to share with you – our listeners.

The calls and emails I get each week, from real estate agents all over the world, telling me how a particular episode of our podcast has impacted on their business in some positive way, has been humbling to say the least. It’s the very reason I started our business with a podcast in the first place – which was to help real estate professionals become better marketers by sharing the inspiring stories of others.

For the first ten months of starting our company, all I had was this podcast. People thought I was crazy starting a business just to give away content for free. Some of our top industry trainers, who I respect greatly, were telling me that giving away content for free would never help me build a business.

Well, fast forward two years, I’m extremely proud to say that we have 42,000 email subscribers, a team of six located around Australia and clients all over the world who attend our training events and buy our products and services. All thanks to one simple strategy.

Do you want to know what it is?

My goal all along has been simply this:

Give away helpful content for free with the purpose of building subscribers and get those subscribers to tell us the content they want and the products they need.

That’s it!

When someone subscribes to our podcast, still to this day, they are greeted with a question.

“What is ‘one thing’ you would love to know more about (or a challenge you’d like to solve) when it comes to digital, content marketing or social media?”


The tens of thousands of responses we’ve received to this one simple question have determined which topics we write (or speak) about and, most importantly, the products and services we’ve built for our audience.

I should also mention that we don’t have a salesforce still to this day. All of our clients in the past two years since starting our company are people who have either attended our events or have consumed our content, such as the podcast you’re listening to right now.

What we’ve done is nothing special.

We’ve simply followed a business approach that has been around for hundreds of years and in more recent times has been given the name ‘content marketing’.

In his popular blog post titled “What is Content Marketing”, Joe Pulizzi, the founder of the Content Marketing Institute, defines it as:

“…the art of communicating with your customers and prospects without selling. It is non-interruption marketing and instead of pitching your products or services, you are delivering information that makes people more intelligent.”

Paraphrasing what Joe is saying, content marketing is about helping, not selling.

We’ve helped hundreds of agents and agencies adapt a content marketing approach and the case studies and examples I’ve shared in many previous episodes of this podcast are from those that we’ve worked with and others who are simply following this approach themselves, in addition to all of their other sales and marketing activities.

If you’re looking at how we’ve built our business and you’re thinking ‘this wouldn’t work in our local market’, think about this:

Do you have customers? Do they have questions they’d like answered or a problem that you can solve better than any other agent in your local market?

Then content marketing will work for you.

I’m not suggesting that you stop all of your prospecting and advertising. All I’m saying is there just might be a different approach to marketing in real estate that you may not have considered.

Go back and listen to a few previous episodes of our podcast and you’ll learn about the countless examples of agents and agencies who are building massive audiences for themselves based on a content marketing approach – everything from written blogs, videos or, as in one stunning example of an agent in Perth, in-person events.

As I said earlier, the formula is pretty simple.

Give away helpful content for free with the purpose of building subscribers, get those subscribers to tell you the content they want and deliver it to them, consistently over time.

Your email subscribers don’t call in three or four other agents when they’re ready to list their property. They’re not going to agent review sites. They’re coming to you. They trust you because you’ve taken the time to deliver the information they want consistently over time, instead of what we typically do in real estate which is create advertising that people tolerate.

The question I leave you with this week is:

“What is ‘one thing’ you would love to know more about (or a challenge you’d like to solve) when it comes to digital, content marketing or social media?”

Send me an email to

To all of our subscribers from the past 100 episodes, I sincerely thank you.

I look forward to speaking with you next week for yet another episode of Real Estate Pros.

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