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112: Josh Cobb: 4 Ways To Never Run Out Of Content Ideas For Your Database

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Do you struggle with generating new content ideas to send to your database on a regular basis? You’re not alone.

Consistently generating new content ideas, that are relevant to your clients and prospects, is one of the biggest marketing challenges in real estate. Is it the same for you?

On this episode of Real Estate Pros, we’ll cover 4 ways to never run out of content ideas for your database. And the best part is, they are right at your fingertips, they’re free and don’t require any fancy software.

4 Ways To Never Run Out Of Content Ideas For Your Database

Once a staple in the marketing diet of most real estate businesses, the humble newsletter was a way of keeping your database informed, educated and keeping you front of mind until they needed an agent.

These days, newsletters have been widely replaced with blog articles and online video, that educate and inform clients and prospects on a more regular basis – methods that take a fraction of the time than putting together a newsletter. But just as with a newsletter, most agents and agencies find it difficult to keep coming up with ideas… “What do I write about”? “What can I say on this video so that it doesn’t sound like I’m just repeating what I said last time”?

Sound familiar?

It’s for this reason that so many agents start a blog or video series, do it for a little while, and then stop. It’s hard to keep coming up with ideas to write or speak about!

In our Digital Marketing Essentials workshops, we speak about four ways you can create content for your database and never run out of ideas. The best part is, they are right at your fingertips, they’re free and they don’t require any fancy software.

Number 1: Your email inbox

“What are your fees?”
“How long after settlement can I collect the keys?”
“Can I get a building and pest inspection if I’m buying at auction”
“Can I sell my investment property if the tenant is on a lease?”

These are only a few of the countless questions you get asked via email on a daily basis.

Instead of spending your time crafting the perfect response, answer the question in a blog post or a video and post it to your website. Next time someone asks that question, send them the link to your website where they can read or watch you answer their question, alongside all of the other helpful content you’ve created.

Number 2:

Imagine if there was a website that would tell you all the questions that people have asked for a particular keyword or phrase on Google. Well, there is! After typing a keyword or phrase into – something like ‘selling a home’ – it will return all of the questions that people have asked on Google, using that keyword or phrase.

The phrase ‘selling a home’ will generate hundreds of content ideas alone.

Number 3: Your own website

When someone subscribes to your blog, video or e-newsletter, instead of sending them to a thank you page or using a generic ‘thank you for subscribing’, get them to tell you the kind of content they want to get from you.

When someone subscribes to this podcast, we ask them one simple question:

The responses are sent back to our content team here at Stepps where we’ll work on creating an episode of the podcast or a video tutorial around that specific topic. This strategy alone has generated tens of thousands of responses and has helped us to create content that you, the real estate professional, have told us you want.

In fact, this episode was the result of a challenge someone told us they had in their business.

Number 4: Your staff and suppliers

The best people to create content for real estate consumers are not journalists, and they’re not in the marketing departments of our businesses. They’re on the frontline – that means your sales and property management staff. They are the ones speaking to consumers every day. They are the ones with the insights.

If a particular topic relates to something outside of your area of expertise – finance or legal matters for example – consider getting your suppliers involved in the creation of your content.

This a strategy employed by more and more real estate businesses today. If they receive a question about finance, they’ll get their preferred financial planners in to create a video. If the question relates to contracts, they’ll ask their conveyancer to pop in and create a video for that too. Or even home security tips…

Videos can be easily embedded on your office website to share with your audience and with your suppliers – who then share it with their audience!

So there you have it.

Four ways to never run out of content ideas for your database. Four ways to create content for your database that they actually want. Instead of what we typically do in real estate which is create content that we think people need.

Have you got any other strategies that are working for you? Leave us a comment below or email us

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