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117: Josh Cobb: Why Some Real Estate Agents Stand Out Online More Than Others

By |June 10, 2017| No Comments

From the major portals to banner ads, from websites to social media, there is no shortage of real estate agents and agencies with a presence on the internet today who are marketing their services and points of difference to vendors and investor clients. Let’s face it, everyone is creating content. Lots of content.

But just like any marketing channel, there are agents and agencies who stand out more than others. There are some who generate revenue from their digital marketing efforts but for others, it’s costing their business time and money with minimal (if any) return.

On this episode of Real Estate Pros, we discuss why some agents stand out online more than others and how to get more results with less effort.

Why Some Agents Stand Out Online More Than Others

On many previous episodes of Real Estate Pros, we’ve shared case studies featuring real estate brands who are winning the game of attention online. Interestingly, the most successful digital marketers in real estate are often not the biggest agency or agent in their local market – in terms of volume or the size of their team.

But what makes them dominate their competitors online is that they understand one critical piece of the digital marketing puzzle better than most:

When it comes to digital marketing and earning attention online, it’s not necessarily the best agent/agency that wins. It’s the best promoted agent/agency that wins.

Simply creating content for your website or social media channels is not enough. ‘Build it and they will come’ is not a strategy and a quote that I think sums this up nicely is from Andy Crestodina at Content Marketing World 2016:

“The New York Times does not have a list of the best books. They have a list of the best selling books.”

In our consulting work with hundreds of agents and teams all over the country, we see lots of content being created for websites, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, online news sites and so on. Usually, the marketing department, or the agents themselves, creates a new blog article, market update video or a social media post and as soon as it’s published, they’re onto the next ‘thing’. Hardly any time, if at all, is spent on promoting that latest blog article, market update video or social media post.

Today, the agents and agencies who are creating content online are creating lots of it, but very little time promoting it.

For some, creating less content, but promoting it more effectively, is yielding far better results.

Take Ben Collier from The Agency for example – One of Australia’s leading agents with a well-established content marketing initiative to compliment his digital marketing efforts.

At 7:30 am each Thursday morning, Ben’s team publishes a new original article to their website on property and lifestyle topics relevant to their market of Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

As a result of creating just one piece of content each week, but promoting it over a 7 day period using a number of digital channels from social media to email, Ben’s articles contribute to the majority of his 6,000+ unique website visitors and 100+ new email subscribers (on average) each month.

* By way of comparison, an average real estate office website in Australia attracts between 800 – 1,200 visitors per month (Google Analytics Benchmarking – June 2017).

More content, more regularly, doesn’t guarantee more results.

Instead of focusing on pushing out more content to your website and social media channels, think about creating less. Spend a little more time and budget on promoting your latest blog article, market update video or social media post before simply jumping onto the next one.

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