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109: Zvi Band: What Top Agents Do With Their CRM That Others Don’t

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Do you have a CRM strategy for your real estate business? Is your current Customer Relationship Management process efficient?

In this episode of Real Estate Pros, we’re joined by Zvi Band. Zvi is the Co-founder and CEO of Contactually – a relationship marketing platform with many of its users in the real estate industry.

To help you stay top of mind with the relationships that matter to help you retain and grow your business, Zvi shares with us the CRM strategies that will help you build better client (and prospective client) relationships.

Zvi Band - Contactually

With the introduction of advanced customer relationship management (CRM) software, real estate agents are finally able to place their clients and prospects at the forefront. However, technology can only do so much. Just like any other piece of technology, it’s only as good as its user.

According to our guest this week, the number one reason why people leave one CRM solution for another is not because of technical issues, but a lack of training and implementation of its full capabilities.

Zvi Band is the co-founder and CEO of Contactually – a web based CRM solution.

Band says that agents want three things from their CRM:

  • Tell me who I need to talk to?
  • When do I need to talk to them?
  • What value can I add so they’ll drive me new and repeat business?

While Contactually does provide CRM software, Band says “the best CRM is the one that you use.” When it comes to managing contacts in other software systems like Microsoft Outlook or Excel, Band adds, “If the system is working for you, stick with it. The benefit of a modern CRM system is that it can automate many of the manual tasks that you would otherwise perform.”

The best CRM is the one that you use. – Zvi Band, Contactually

Tune into this week’s episode to learn what top agents do with their CRM that others don’t.


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