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21: John Runko: Why You Need To Be Relevant To Succeed In Real Estate

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John Runko, chief executive at Independent Property Group, joins Real Estate Pros this week to discuss why you need to be relevant to succeed in real estate. John shares with us his background in real estate and how the Independent Property Group delivers a unique customer experience.

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John Runko: Why You Need To Be Relevant To Succeed In Real Estate

Key Takeaways

Fast Five

Who has been an inspiration to you throughout your career?
Gail Kelly, former CEO of Westpac.”

What are your favourite things in the world to do when you’re not at the office?
“Spending time out on my farm with my family and the animals.”

What is your favourite business book?
The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey.”

What is ‘one thing’ that prevents people in real estate from achieving success and what would your advice be to overcome it?
“Lack of clear goals – If you have clear and concise goals that you truly believe in, you will be successful.”

Success Quote

“You always need to work harder on yourself than you do on your job.” – Jim Rohn

Fast Fact of the Week

SMK’s Social Media Trends Report 2015 found that smartphone users check their phones 100 times on average per day and Facebook 14 times on average per day.

Discovery of the Week

If at least 100 people like your Facebook Page, you can create a list of Pages to watch. The Insights module will show you several metrics relating to your competition’s Facebook activity, including the number of posts by page admins, number of fan interactions and a leaderboard of the five top-performing posts across all watched pages.

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