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3: Jay Baer & Erica Campbell Byrum: Why Smart Real Estate Professionals Are Helping, Not Selling

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Jay Baer, president of Convince & Convert, and Erica Campbell Byrum, director of social media at and, join us for this week’s episode of Real Estate Pros all the way from the United States. Jay and Erica explain how the real estate market in the United States differs from Australia, they share examples of marketing brilliance from their new book including two Australian real estate brands and they help us understand how smart real estate professionals are helping, not selling.

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Jay Baer & Erica Campbell Byrum: Why Smart Real Estate Professionals Are Helping, Not Selling

Show Notes

Erica Campbell Byrum, director of social media at and, and New York Times Best-Selling Author Jay Baer have collaborated on a new book called Youtility For Real Estate: Why Smart Real Estate Professionals Are Helping, Not Selling.

What is Youtility? Jay sums it up like this:

“It’s marketing that people cherish, instead of marketing that people simply tolerate,” says Baer.

With people constantly mobile and wired to the internet, Erica adds that a more hyper-local approach to marketing with relevant and engaging stories is far more effective than just always pushing listings. “Over time, this becomes unnecessary to a company’s audience and a different approach to communicating with the consumer base is needed. Becoming more helpful is key to breaking through the noise,” says Byrum.

In Youtility For Real Estate, Jay explains there are three distinct facets of useful marketing and every successful Youtility features at least one of these three approaches:

  • Self-Serve Information: Giving people the opportunity to inform themselves how and when they wish.
  • Radical Transparency: Providing answers to nearly every question a customer could conceivably ask – before they think to ask it.
  • Real-Time Relevancy: Using geolocation and other specific circumstances to become massively useful at particular moments in the life of the customer, and then fading away into the background until the next opportunity to help arises.

In our chat with Jay and Erica, we talk about the meticulous research that went into finding real estate professionals living by the mantra of Youtility and discuss examples from around the globe, including two outstanding Australian real estate brands.

Learn what smart real estate professionals are doing right now to outclass their competition in marketplaces just like yours.


  • Read more on Erica’s summary of NAR’s statistics behind commission splits and brokerage structures in the United States here.
  • Order your copy of Youtility For Real Estate here.

Fast Fact of the Week

Exact Target‘s Digital Down Under Report found that 27% of consumers “like” a brand on Facebook to publicly display their support in front of family and friends. So if Facebook is a place where people are willing to provide endorsements to companies they like simply to look good in front of others, what are you doing to position your business as a shareable real estate brand?

Take part in our One Good Idea project until November 30, 2014, and we’ll help you with some inspiration.

Discovery of the Week

Sidekick: Created by inbound marketing experts Hubspot, this free app plugs into Outlook or Gmail so you can monitor who opens your emails and what they click on, all in real-time.

Read more about Sidekick here.

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