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Laing+Simmons Real Estate Website

A real estate franchise website with THE edge.

Any way you look at it, Laing+Simmons is a real estate franchise with a fondness for innovation. It takes a certain kind of boldness to set out to change the way a traditional real estate website works, and that spirit is summed up with LSRE’s mantra “Beyond The Expected”.

With that boldness in mind, we were asked to create a unique website that empowered their 40+ offices and agents with the tools to build relationships with more homeowners and investors whilst also setting the tone for all communications with the Laing+Simmons brand going forward.

A real estate website that makes sense

When building a real estate website, it’s crucial that you remember who you’re actually building it for. Secondly, who are your real competitors? And a hint, it’s not just the other real estate agencies in your core service areas.

Today, you’re competing for your clients’ attention against the major property portals, rating and review websites, comparison sites and social media just to name a few.

Your website is the only place on the web where you aren’t competing for attention.

And with the overwhelming majority of buyers and renters going to the portals to search for property, it makes little sense to make your website just all about listings. If you work for the vendor (and you do!), doesn’t it make sense to build a website to attract and convert more of them?

That was our mission with Laing+Simmons’ new website.


  • An industry which struggles to differentiate themselves from one another
  • A busy website with properties as far as the eye can see
  • Lots of real estate jargon
  • Confusing site structure trying to cater to everything on every page

The new approach

  • An innovative franchise who care deeply about improving the lives of its members and their clients
  • Clear and concise website navigation focused squarely on delivering new business opportunities to all stakeholders
  • Real estate content, written in plain English
  • Powerful ‘Google-friendly’ multi-office network allowing individual office access but built on a single domain

Single website -> Powerful multi-office network

Previous to launching the new, only a single website excited for all offices – whereby an ‘office profile’ existed on the domain. To capitalise on Google’s algorithm preference toward proximity to a searcher and to improve the presence of each office in Google search results for their respective locations, we implemented a sub-folder approach to the LSRE domain, consisting of a seperate website for each office (i.e.

Instead of one single website with a basic office profile, each office received their own website with a more robust and segmented approach for their content, agents, listings, testimonials and more but with easy access to all other office websites. With one single login, LSRE corporate teams have easy access to each office at-a-glance – allowing them to jump between each site without having to login via a seperate website each time. With an office template in place, each new office to the network can have their website up and running (at no additional cost) within hours.

Each office has enjoyed the ability to personalise their own website with local imagery and content while having syndicated content sent from the corporate website for additional SEO benefits.

The results

What resulted from this multi-site approach was a 3736.76% increase in Google rankings for each office in their respective locations (across various key search phrases) in just four months – with ongoing gains well over key competitors, some of which include much larger franchise organisations. saw significant gains across all key website metrics immediately upon launch which only improved over time as Stepps provided training and education to key stakeholders on how to improve their lead generation through increased website traffic.

For some it’s just about traffic, for us it’s about revenue.

With consistent training for all LSRE members on the importance of prioritising their own website over 3rd party platforms such as the major property portals, the new LSRE network of websites have delivered over $16 million in potential GCI to LSRE offices and agents (as at December 2019) with consistent results month-on-month.

Services provided:

  • Digital marketing training and counsel to franchise group members
  • Real estate website design, strategy and development
  • Coreweb CRM integration
  • Web hosting & maintenance
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Content creation
  • Content publishing

Initial homepage concepts:

We chose Stepps because they are, by far and away, doing more interesting things than anyone else we interviewed in the market.
Leanne Pilkington Managing Director, Laing+Simmons

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