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Real estate websites must do two things:

1. Attract a visitor, and
2. Compel that visitor to take action

Those success factors are measured in two numbers: traffic and conversion rates. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is all about improving that first number.

More than 90% of Australian’s skip past Google Ads and go straight to the first organic search result. That’s where we play. That’s where you want your company to appear. And working together, that’s where we’ll get you.

Most SEO companies work with all types of industries. We only work with real estate agencies and top performing real estate agents so when you’re working with us, you’re working with a specialist, not a generalist.

Real Estate Websites with great SEO

Team Yates – The Agency

Team Yates – The Agency

LJ Hooker Property Partners

LJ Hooker Property Partners

Real Estate SEO Keywords

Keyphrase research first

Knowing the questions people are asking is half the battle. The other half is answering them on your website.

Each of our projects begin with a deep analysis of relevant topics and keyphrases that your content should target in your core service area(s). We’ll help you understand why those phrases are important and simple tasks you can take to win over your competitors.

SEO is about revenue, not just rankings

Google rankings and website traffic are great, but if those visitors don’t convert into actual dollars, it doesn’t matter. All we care about is how much revenue and profit we can drive to your real estate business.

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“One of the great things about Stepps is that they didn't just launch our new website and walk away. They are an ongoing part of our digital marketing team and we're very excited about that.”

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Your pages will outrank the competition

Fact. And backed by the data to prove it.

We’ll do a competitive analysis to determine the phrases used by your competition. Then we’ll compare that to the questions people are asking.

Finally, we’ll recommend a strategy for ensuring that your visitors wind up visiting your site instead of your competition.

Technical SEO

The nuts and bolts that hold your site together.

SEO is much more than just words on a page. It also includes the structure of data on your site.

Does your site use markup so that search engines like Google can understand it and provide better search results? What about your sitemap.xml and robots.txt files?

Everything from how fast your pages load to how your URLs are structured is part of search engine optimisation.

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“I partnered with Stepps because I wanted a complete digital marketing platform for me and my team that delivered actual results. We are extremely happy with our website and Stepps, for their wealth of knowledge and measured strategic advice.”


Frequently Asked Questions About SEO

While the technical ins and outs of SEO are often changing, there are a few common questions which remain the same over time.

Here are a few:

Q. Didn’t you already apply SEO to my website when it was built?

A. We sure did. More than 60+ hours of SEO treatment is applied to every website build by Stepps. But just like buying a flashy new car with the latest technology to perform at that time, it needs to be serviced to ensure it continues to perform for many years to come. Google changes its rules constantly and an ongoing SEO plan is the best way to ensure you don’t let your competitors take the lead.

Q.  I pay for Google Ads. Is this the same as SEO? Should I stop running Google Ads?

A. SEO refers to the actions taken to get your website as high as possible in the results underneath the ads. This is where the overwhelming majority of people click when searching on Google. And unlike Google Ads, which disappear when you stop paying for them, SEO can position your business in Google search results for years to come. If you’re currently running Google Ads and they’re generating revenue for you, keep it going if it’s working for you.

Q. How long does SEO take?

A. This is a difficult question to answer as there are a lot of factors to take into consideration and a variety of ever-changing factors. However, it would be reasonable to expect around the 3-month mark that visible movement be happening. There are always exceptions to a rule, but on average this tends to be the case.

Q. What am I paying for?

A. First and foremost you are paying for results. SEO is unlike other online marketing methods in that search engines are looking out for people who are overdoing it and Google in particular only caches your website and updates rankings accordingly roughly once a fortnight (again this can change, but on average it tends to be the case). For this reason, it takes a minimum of 2 weeks and sometimes more to see the results of any action taken and doing too much between caches can actually have a negative impact on your rankings.

Ultimately, your monthly fee for SEO is more of a payment plan for the total amount which you are paying to rank, rather than a monthly management fee. With that said however, your payments do also need to cover costs. Everything we do as part of SEO is of a quality uncommon to the industry and the package you are quoted is based on the level of competition online for the real estate industry, which dictates the amount of resources we will need at our disposal in order to give you the best possible results.

Q. What does Stepps expect of me?

A. In short… very little. We know how busy real estate is and so we’ve developed our systems to ensure that we don’t bother you more than we need to.

We already know how your website is built and we only work with real estate businesses so we can get to work quickly – unlike any other third party SEO company who will need to spend weeks (maybe months) learning how your website is built and asking you lots of questions to ultimately “guess” what real estate consumers are looking for on Google. That said, we may need your approval on a few things before proceeding but overall we don’t expect to need much of your time to get your monthly SEO plan up and running.

Q. What can I expect from Stepps?

A. Transparency and expertise. We have been at this for over 7 years now and we understand the need to be clear about what is happening, honest with you about what is and is not possible and to help you understand as much or as little as you would like to understand about your SEO. We are also happy to offer general marketing advice and will not hold back knowledge that would be useful to you in areas outside of SEO. At any point, feel free to call us simply to have a chat about marketing, we’re happy to help!

Q. Is SEO an ongoing need, or can I stop at the end of my initial 12 month period?

A. While it may sometimes be okay to slow down and/or downgrade your SEO, it’s important to understand that the second you stop performing SEO the competition starts to catch up. This may seem a little daunting to think about, but keep in mind that the entire goal of SEO is to get you ranking organically for keywords that will bring you the highest possible return on investment. Simply put, this means that our goal is for SEO to bring you in more money than it costs you.

How does your site perform?

From small design enhancements to entire site overhauls, a new design will boost results and make your visitors happy. Happy visitors become new listings for your sales and/or property management teams.

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