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Most real estate agent websites are just online business cards.

There are a lot of real estate agent website developers who can put graphics and nice images online but it takes a strategic approach and great marketing to transform your website into an automated lead generation system that funnels potential vendors into your business.

Most web designers understand the technology behind building real estate agent websites but they have little to no experience when it comes to effective digital marketing and selling. Their expertise is in graphic design, not making your website make money.

If you want a trusted team that will give you sound advice, with a track record of results for some of Australia’s top agents, contact us to get your new website project underway.

Meet some of the real estate businesses like yours that are experiencing incredible results after launching their new website with Stepps

Learn about our approach to building real estate websites

Integration with all major real estate CRM providers

Real Estate Website Design - Google Rankings

Built to rank and attract new leads

Gain more leads and improve your marketing with a site built to generate leads.

The best real estate websites are built around keyphrase research and search optimised content. We place calls to action that compel visitors to click, increasing your conversion of visitors to customers.

And all of our decisions are informed by measurable data.

Designed to stand out

We’ll build you a beautiful site that is immediately impressive and visually impactful.

Our primary goal is to build you a site that achieves your unique goals. But we’ll also implement best practices for the real estate industry.

Caitlin Ellis
Stepps have been great at integrating our website with our CRM and they’ve really taken it to a whole new level.
Caitlin Ellis Systems Manager, Di Jones
Caitlin Ellis
Real Estate Website Design - Compelling Content

Compelling, so visitors take action and convert

Your real estate website will be successful because it’s built around your business goals and conversions.

Our real estate website developers are experts in user experience. We’ll design your site around maximising conversion rate to increase the number of visitors who become leads.

But we’ll also design it around your business so your visitors become your clients.

Responsive and mobile friendly

Improve the user experience of your site and make it accessible across all devices.

More and more searches are taking place on mobile devices, according to Google. We’ll make sure your site is ready with a responsive and mobile friendly site.

Daniel Jennings
Stepps was the best choice for us when designing our website. The detail and communication they provided was exceptional. If you're looking for a world class website and want to be involved every step of the way I would highly recommend sending an enquiry today.
Daniel Jennings Director/Licensee, Stubbs & Co. Estate Agents
Daniel Jennings

Easy to update & easy to manage

We’ll build you a robust content marketing site. Then we’ll teach you how to use it.

At Stepps, we believe in customising your site around your goals. But we won’t just build your site and walk away. We’ll train you to update your content and build new pages.

Because our goal is to set you up for ongoing success.

Real Estate Website Design - Integrations

A site that integrates with everything

Give your clients and prospects a seamless transition between your site and the tools that support it.

From your real estate CRM (like MyDesktopLockedOnREX and AgentBox) to your email marketing solutions (like MailChimp, Constant Contact and Marketo) or business tools, email and document storage (such as Google Apps and Office 365), we’ll integrate your site with all of the tools that support it.

We also build some cool integrations with other third-party API’s that leverage data in a whole new way to help our clients provide a unique experience to theirs.

Measure better. Manage better.

Understand where your visitors come from and what they’re looking for with a weekly Website Performance Report.

We’ll set you up with Google Analytics and make sure it’s configured properly. Then we’ll teach you how to measure conversions and use the data to improve your content.

Because our goal is to make sure you’re getting the most value out of your site.

Real Estate Website Design - Google Analytics
Phil Harris
Stepps is an incredibly professional company that delivers on what they promise. A real pleasure to work with. Thanks to the entire team at Stepps for doing a wonderful job with our new website.
Phil Harris Managing Director, Harris Real Estate
Phil Harris

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Frequently Asked Questions About Real Estate Website Design & Development

How much do real estate websites cost?

Depending on which real estate website designers you speak to, the answer to this question can vary quite significantly.

Template websites (where you apply your branding to an existing website template) can cost as little as $2,000 upfront + $100 p/month in ongoing hosting and support. While template real estate websites are quite affordable, they are very restrictive when it comes to customising them with more advanced features and integrations.

Stepps does not offer template real estate websites. 

Custom websites can cost as little as $8,000 – $10,000 upfront + $300 p/month in ongoing hosting and support. However, in this price range, you are likely still limited when it comes to functionality and integrations.

If you want unlimited possibilities and a development team who can build anything and everything, with full integration with your existing systems i.e. CRM provider, data providers, social media advertising and more, these custom websites can cost as little as $20,000 up to $100,000 or more for larger scale multi-office website platforms.

How long does it take to build a real estate website?

There are many factors that go into how long a real estate website will take to build.

These factors include, but are not limited to:

  • The technology and integrations being built into the site
  • Templated websites versus custom websites
  • The speed at which content can be generated by you or your copywriter
  • The number of people involved in the decision-making/approval process
  • And more…

Template real estate websites might typically get you up and running in 4-6 weeks.

Custom real estate websites can take anywhere from 3 months up to 12 months, depending on all of the factors mentioned above.

Can my website integrate with my real estate CRM?

It absolutely should!

This is where it pays to work with a specialist real estate website design and development company that understands the complexities of integrating real estate CRM platforms with real estate websites.

There are countless stories of design agencies (with little to no real estate industry experience) who have designed and developed a real estate website, only to leave the real estate client with headaches because listing feeds or CRM integrations don’t work properly.

Stepps works closely with all major real estate CRM providers as well as many smaller less-known CRM providers. Beyond listing feeds, we’ve developed all sorts of interesting integrations for our clients to get more out of their CRM and website together.

What other platforms can I integrate with my real estate website?

This comes down to the type of website you’ve built and the level of expertise your website provider can offer.

Template websites are very restrictive to basic integrations and ‘plugins’.

Custom websites can integrate with your other platforms and technologies in many different and interesting ways but these typically need to be custom-built into your website. The only thing holding you back here is your imagination, your budget and the ability of your developer to build it!

We’ve built many unique website integrations for real estate businesses of all sizes, including:

How secure is my website?

The security of your website is often an afterthought for most real estate businesses. The focus, for the most part, is on the look and feel of the website.

But the security of your website should be taken very seriously as there is no shortage of horror stories where real estate websites have been hacked or brought down by a DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack.

Stepps uses a platform called Cloudflare to protect all websites under management – which provides our clients with enhanced website security and performance upgrades.

If your website provider is allowing direct access to their servers without a firewall and CDN (Content Delivery Network) in front of your website, your site is at a significantly increased risk of attack.

Stepps also operates under a security methodology known as ‘Zero Trust’.

Zero Trust is a security framework requiring all users, whether in or outside the organisation’s network, to be authenticated, authorised, and continuously validated for security configuration and posture before being granted or keeping access to applications and data.

Is SEO (search engine optimisation) included?

Some website providers deliberately spend little to no time on SEO prior to your website going live – resulting in poor search engine rankings and broken links when it does go live – so they can wedge you into expensive monthly SEO plans to fix these issues.

At Stepps, we have a dedicated SEO team who specialises in real estate SEO and we apply more than 80+ hours of SEO treatment (both technical and front end) before a website goes live.

This allows our clients to drive traffic, leads and sales from the day their website goes live which enhances their search engine rankings – instead of dealing with broken links and declining rankings.

Stepps also offer ongoing SEO treatment, exclusively to our website clients, for those who want to constantly stay ahead of their competitors on Google and other search engines.

Where are your websites hosted?

Stepps is an AWS (Amazon Web Services) partner with all servers and infrastructure located in AWS data centres in Sydney, Australia.

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