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Over the past 10 years, the word “best” has become increasingly prevalent in Google searches, reflecting a shift in user behaviour.

Consumers are no longer just looking for options; they want the best option available. This trend is especially significant in the real estate industry, where phrases like “best real estate agent in [city]” are becoming more common.

Some people might assume that agent rankings are primarily defined by reviews or volume of sales on platforms like RateMyAgent or While these factors certainly play a role, Google employs a different set of criteria to determine who appears at the top of search results.

Understanding and leveraging this shift can help you enhance your online presence and attract more qualified leads.

Interest over time: Numbers represent search interest relative to the highest point on the chart for the given region and time. A value of 100 is the peak popularity for the term. A value of 50 means that the term is half as popular. A score of 0 means there was not enough data for this term. Source.

Why “Best” Searches Matter in Real Estate

When potential clients search for terms like “best real estate agent” or “best property manager,” they are often ready to make a decision. This high-intent search behaviour is a goldmine for real estate professionals. Google’s ability to interpret these searches and provide relevant results means that being recognised as the “best” can significantly impact your visibility and credibility.

The Impact of High-Intent Searches

  1. Ready-to-Act Clients
    • Potential clients who use the word “best” in their search queries are usually in the final stages of their decision-making process. They are not just browsing; they are actively looking for top-tier services to meet their immediate needs, making them highly valuable leads.
  2. Trust and Authority
    • Being featured in the top search results for “best” queries builds trust and authority. Clients often associate higher rankings with better quality and reliability. If Google ranks you as one of the best, it enhances your reputation and makes you a preferred choice for potential clients. Traffic Insights

Despite what the major portals will tell you, their website is not where most people start their search for an agent.

For example, approximately 40% of’s traffic comes from Google searches. This statistic underscores the importance of search engine visibility in the real estate industry. A significant portion of potential vendors and landlords start their journey on Google, making it crucial for real estate professionals to secure high rankings for key search terms. Once these users land on the highest-ranked pages, they are more likely to engage with the content and consider the listed services.

As a real estate business, your goal should be to intercept all of that traffic to Google to your website before it gets to the portals – where you’ll just be one of many agents to consider.

Why Ranking for “Best” Matters

  1. Visibility in Local Pack
    • Google’s local pack, which displays the top local business listings, often defaults to businesses with a star rating of 4.7 or above when the word “best” is used in the query. This means maintaining high review ratings is essential for appearing in these coveted positions.
  2. Increased Click-Through Rates (CTR)
    • Pages that rank highly for “best” searches tend to have higher CTRs. Users are more inclined to click on links that promise the best service, leading to more traffic to your website and a greater chance of converting visitors into clients.
  3. Competitive Advantage
    • Ranking for “best” search terms gives you a competitive edge over other real estate professionals. It positions you as a leader in your field, differentiating you from competitors who may not have optimised their online presence as effectively.

Case Study: “Best Property Managers Adelaide”

Turner Real Estate was initially on page 3 of Google for the term “best property managers Adelaide.” Through a comprehensive strategy focusing on optimising their service pages and overall Google presence, we helped them achieve the top position on page 1. This success story demonstrates the power of a well-rounded SEO approach and robust review management.

The Challenge

Turner Real Estate faced significant competition in the Adelaide market and struggled to gain visibility in search results. Despite offering outstanding customer service, its online presence did not reflect its quality, which hindered its ability to attract new clients through organic search.

The Strategy

To address these challenges, we implemented a multi-faceted approach that included keyword research, content enhancement, technical SEO improvements, localised content creation, and an intensive focus on review management.

Keyword Research

    • Identifying High-Intent Keywords: We conducted thorough keyword research to identify the most relevant and high-intent keywords for Turner Real Estate’s services. By focusing on terms that potential clients were actively searching for, such as “best property managers Adelaide,” we could align the content more closely with user intent.

Content Enhancement

    • Revamping the Service Page: We revamped Turner Real Estate’s service page for property management with detailed, informative content that addressed potential clients’ needs and questions. This included comprehensive descriptions of their services, customer testimonials, and clear calls to action.
    • Engaging Visuals: We incorporated high-quality images and client testimonial videos to make the page more engaging and visually appealing.

Technical SEO

    • Improving Page Load Speed: Ensuring all pages loaded quickly on both desktop and mobile devices.
    • Mobile Responsiveness: The site should be fully optimised for mobile users, as a significant portion of searches come from mobile devices.
    • Optimising Metadata: We improved meta titles, descriptions, and header tags to better align with SEO best practices.

Localised Content

    • Suburb-Specific Pages: To capture local traffic, we created individual service pages for each suburb Turner Real Estate serves, such as “Best Property Managers Albert Park.” Each page was optimised with local keywords and tailored content to address the specific needs of residents in those areas.

    • Internal Linking Structure: We built a robust internal linking structure to enhance SEO and improve user navigation across the website.

Review Management

    • Garnering Google Reviews: Recognising the impact of reviews on search rankings, Turner Real Estate invested heavily in garnering positive Google reviews. They implemented a proactive, ongoing and sustainable strategy to encourage satisfied clients to leave reviews, resulting in over 900+ reviews (at time of publishing) and maintaining an impressive star rating of 4.7.
    • Responding to Reviews: The team actively responded to reviews, engaging with their clients and showing potential clients their commitment to customer service.

The Results

This comprehensive strategy led to significant improvements in Turner Real Estate’s online presence:

  • Top Position on Google: Turner Real Estate moved from page 3 to the top position on page 1 for the term “best property managers Adelaide” and for the individual suburbs within their service area.
  • Increased Traffic and Leads: The optimised service pages and localised content attracted more qualified leads, resulting in a substantial increase in website traffic.
  • Higher Conversion Rates: The enhanced content and improved user experience led to higher conversion rates, translating into more clients and increased revenue.

How Real Estate Businesses Can Improve Their Google Presence For “Best” Searches

To achieve a better ranking for “best” searches, real estate businesses should focus on improving all aspects of their website and Google presence.

Here are some key strategies:

Conduct In-Depth Keyword Research

Identify the most relevant and high-intent keywords for your services and location. Focus on long-tail keywords that reflect user intent, such as “best real estate agent in [suburb].”

Enhance Content Quality

  • Comprehensive Information: Provide detailed descriptions of your services.
  • Customer Testimonials: Include reviews and success stories from satisfied clients (video is best!).
  • Clear Calls to Action: Guide visitors to take the next step, whether it’s contacting you or scheduling a consultation.

Implement Technical SEO Best Practices

  • Mobile-Friendly and Fast-Loading: Ensure your website is optimised for mobile devices and loads quickly.
  • Optimise Meta Titles and Descriptions: Use relevant keywords in your meta tags.
  • Structured Data: Implement structured data to help search engines understand your content.

Focus on Review Management

  • Encourage Positive Reviews: Ask satisfied clients to leave positive reviews on Google.
  • Respond to Reviews: Engage with your reviewers by responding to both positive and negative feedback.
  • Monitor Your Rating: Aim for a star rating of 4.7 or higher to improve your chances of appearing in the local pack for “best” searches.

Leverage Local SEO

  • Suburb-Specific Pages: Create separate pages for each area you serve, optimised with local keywords.
  • Google My Business: Ensure your Google My Business profile is complete and up-to-date with accurate information, photos, and regular posts.
  • Local Listings: Get listed in local directories and ensure your NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) is consistent across all platforms.

Utilise High-Quality Visuals

  • Professional Photos: Use high-quality images of properties and team members to enhance your website’s visual appeal.
  • Videos and Virtual Tours: Incorporate videos and virtual tours to provide a more engaging experience for potential clients.

Why Rankings Are About Revenue

It’s important to remember that improving your search rankings isn’t just about achieving the top spot on Google; it’s about driving revenue. High rankings lead to increased visibility, attracting more qualified leads who are likely to convert into clients. This, in turn, boosts your revenue and contributes to the overall growth of your business.

However, it’s crucial to understand that achieving and maintaining high rankings requires a comprehensive and ongoing strategy. Here’s why focusing on revenue, rather than just rankings, is essential:

The Link Between Rankings and Revenue

  1. Increased Visibility
    • Higher rankings on Google mean that your business is more visible to potential clients. This visibility increases the likelihood of attracting clicks from users searching for your services.
  2. Qualified Leads
    • Users who search for terms like “best real estate agent” are often ready to make a decision. These high-intent searches are more likely to convert into actual clients, leading to higher conversion rates.
  3. Trust and Credibility
    • Appearing at the top of search results signals to users that your business is reputable and trustworthy. This perception can significantly influence their decision-making process and encourage them to choose your services over competitors.
  4. Long-Term Business Growth
    • Sustainable SEO practices that focus on improving user experience, providing valuable content, and maintaining a strong online presence contribute to long-term business growth. High rankings are a byproduct of these efforts, but the ultimate goal is increased revenue and a solid client base.

Beware of Unrealistic Promises

While the benefits of high rankings are clear, it’s important to be cautious of SEO companies that promise quick fixes or guaranteed top spots on Google. Here’s why you should be wary of these tactics:

  1. No Guarantees in SEO
    • SEO is a complex and ever-evolving field. Google’s algorithms are continuously updated, and no company can guarantee a specific ranking. SEO success requires ongoing effort and adaptation to changes in the digital landscape – especially AI-related changes that are set to impact the online search experience.
  2. Short-Term Gains vs. Long-Term Success
    • Some SEO companies may use “black hat” (e.g., dodgy) techniques that promise quick results but can harm your website in the long run. These practices can lead to Google penalties, causing a drop in rankings and potential damage to your online reputation.
  3. Focus on Quality Over Quantity
    • Promising a large number of backlinks or quick rankings often involves low-quality practices that do not provide sustainable results. It’s essential to focus on high-quality content, user experience, and ethical SEO practices that build trust and authority over time.

Choosing the Right SEO Partner

When selecting an SEO partner, consider the following:

  1. Proven Track Record (and experience in real estate)
    • Look for a company with a history of successful SEO campaigns and positive client testimonials. A proven track record demonstrates their ability to deliver real results.
  2. Transparency
    • A reputable SEO company will be transparent about its strategies and provide regular updates on progress. It should also be willing to explain its methods and how they align with your business goals. Google their business… see where they rank in their field of expertise. If they don’t, ask yourself if they’re the right fit.
  3. Focus on Business Goals
    • Choose an SEO partner who understands that the ultimate goal is not just higher rankings but increased revenue and business growth. They should prioritise strategies that drive qualified leads and conversions.
  4. Ethical Practices
    • Ensure that the company adheres to ethical SEO practices and follows Google’s guidelines. Ethical SEO builds a strong foundation for long-term success and avoids the risks associated with black hat techniques.

Final Thoughts

Improving your search rankings is about more than just reaching the top spot on Google; it’s about driving revenue and achieving sustainable business growth. High rankings lead to increased visibility, attract qualified leads, and enhance your credibility, all of which contribute to your bottom line. However, it’s crucial to choose the right SEO partner and avoid falling for unrealistic promises. By focusing on ethical, quality-driven strategies, you can ensure long-term success and a robust online presence.

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