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Being the first point of contact for potential sellers isn’t just an advantage; it’s the game-changer that could define your career.

The starting line for most property sellers isn’t where you might expect. It’s not the major portals nor a ratings and reviews website. It’s good ol’ Google.

That’s right, before sellers dive into the depths of rating and review websites, or scroll through the endless listings on major property portals, sellers are typing their needs into Google’s search bar. And here lies the golden opportunity: agents who’ve cracked the code to Google’s algorithm are not just participating in the race; they’re leading it, capturing the attention of potential sellers before they’re lured away by the giants of the industry.

This pivotal moment of interception is more than just digital savvy; it’s about understanding where the real battleground lies. In a world where a seller’s first instinct is to Google everything, mastering this platform means you’re not just another name in the hat; you’re the first name that comes up. And it’s this initial touchpoint that can make all the difference.

But here’s the catch – not everyone’s playing this crucial part of the game well. Many agents are still pouring their resources into traditional platforms, blissfully unaware that their most lucrative leads are slipping through their fingers the moment a potential seller opts for Google’s search bar over a direct visit to their preferred portals.

As we delve deeper into this article, we invite you to reconsider everything you thought you knew about online visibility in real estate. It’s no longer just about being seen; it’s about being seen first.

The Hard Truth

A common practice among real estate agents and businesses is channelling their efforts into garnering reviews on platforms like and While these platforms command respect and authority, they inadvertently draw potential clients away from the agents’ primary digital real estate—their own websites.

This trend is driven by the pushy sales strategies of third-party platforms, a stark contrast to Google’s laid-back style. Unlike those major portals and agent review sites that are desperate for your attention, Google stands back. You won’t get bombarded with calls and emails from Google urging you to boost your reviews. And why? Because Google is already the go-to for most people starting their search for anything, including real estate services. Google doesn’t need to chase you; its dominance speaks for itself.

Google, the silent giant in this scenario, benefits regardless of where the reviews are posted. However, this has led to a situation where agents are unknowingly compromising their direct visibility and engagement with potential sellers.

Drawing from data, such as the insight that nearly 40% of’s traffic originates from Google searches, it’s clear that Google’s platform holds untapped potential for direct engagement with clients. This statistic not only underscores Google’s importance in the initial search process but also highlights the opportunity lost when potential traffic is diverted to third-party sites.

The Call For Change

The current state of affairs requires a reevaluation of where real estate agents focus their digital marketing efforts. Imagine a scenario where agents collectively decide to prioritise Google reviews over third-party accolades. Such a shift could significantly alter the digital marketing landscape, challenging the current dominance of platforms like

These platforms thrive on the contributions of agents, leveraging awards such as “Agent of the Year” to maintain engagement. While the recognition is flattering, it serves more as a tool for the platforms to sustain their relevance and traffic rather than directly benefiting the agents in terms of genuine lead generation.

Why Google Reviews Deserve Your Attention

The argument for prioritising Google reviews over third-party platforms is compelling. Firstly, it places the agent’s website directly in the path of potential sellers who start their search on Google. This not only increases the chances of direct engagement but also reduces the competition to a domain where the agent has full control—their own website. Secondly, it aligns with the behaviour of sellers, who, despite the prominence of third-party platforms, still turn to Google as their first port of call.

Furthermore, focusing on Google reviews enhances the agent’s visibility on the most widely used search engine, improving search ranking and, by extension, digital footprint. This strategic emphasis not only intercepts potential sellers before they navigate to third-party sites but also cultivates a direct line of communication and engagement with them.

The Power of Google Reviews in Search Rankings

While it’s well understood that a strong online presence is crucial for real estate agents, the immense value of Google reviews in enhancing search rankings is often underestimated. Here’s the straightforward truth: Google reviews are not just feedback; they’re a major player in getting your brand to the top of a Google search.

Why Google Reviews Matter

  1. Boosts Local SEO: Google prioritises local businesses in search results to provide the most relevant options to users. Reviews, particularly positive ones, signal to Google that your real estate business is not only legitimate but also trusted by the community. This is vital in real estate, where local market knowledge and presence are key.
  2. Increases Visibility: More reviews increase the chances of your business appearing in the coveted “Local Pack” or “Map Pack.” This is the top section of Google’s search results that highlights local businesses related to the search query. Being in this pack means you’re one of the first names a potential seller or buyer sees.
  3. Improves Click-Through Rates (CTR): Listings with a higher number of reviews or better average ratings stand out. They’re more likely to get clicked on, driving more traffic to your website. This not only increases potential client engagement but also further boosts your site’s SEO as Google sees it as more relevant.
  4. Enhances Trust and Credibility: In the eyes of both Google and potential clients, reviews equate to trustworthiness. A wealth of positive reviews can significantly sway a seller’s decision, positioning you as the go-to agent in your area.

Google reviews serve as a dual force, directly influencing your search engine ranking while simultaneously building a strong, trustworthy online presence. In the competitive real estate landscape, where being seen first can mean the difference between landing a client or not, the strategic gathering of Google reviews isn’t just beneficial—it’s essential.

Leveraging Google reviews effectively means engaging with your clients post-interaction and encouraging them to share their positive experiences. This proactive approach not only aids in accumulating valuable feedback but also in climbing the Google ladder, ensuring that when sellers start their search on Google, you’re their first and most compelling choice.

Charting a New Course

Considering all this, it’s clear that real estate agents and their marketing teams need a strategy shake-up. Don’t get hooked by the sales spiel from big portals and review sites. Think about where most sellers kick off their agent search – on a platform that doesn’t need to hustle for your attention. It might not be the popular approach, but it’s profitable.

Put more muscle into getting Google reviews and driving folks to your site. This will boost your visibility and put you directly in touch with potential clients, breaking the hold of third-party sites and making your website the go-to for sellers.

Ask yourself: Do you want to be just another name in a crowded list or have a potential seller’s undivided attention on your site? The choice is clear.

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