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As we approach the end of the year, it’s often a tale of two types of real estate businesses:

  1. Those who wind down to enjoy a break
  2. Those who are filling their lead pipeline for the new year BEFORE they wind down and enjoy a break

With so many eyeballs browsing the web at this time of the year to buy Christmas presents, snap up deals in online sales and book holidays, now is the perfect time to run targeted advertising campaigns, especially on Facebook and Instagram, to start filling your pipeline for the new year.

But throwing money at a few boosted posts and “just listed” ads won’t cut it against more sophisticated advertising and targeting that is starting to emerge. And as interstate borders open up, there are some creative advertising and targeting opportunities that you probably haven’t thought of that will help you spend your advertising dollars more wisely.

Here are 3 creative Facebook ad campaigns to help fill your pipeline for the new year.

IMPORTANT: These campaigns will require some level of experience with Facebook Ads Manager and Facebook Business Manager. You cannot run these campaigns using the ‘Boost Post’ button on your Facebook Page. For more advanced training on Facebook advertising, check out our Facebook Ads Masterclass course.

1. Holiday goers

Interstate and regional intrastate travel for the upcoming school holidays is looking like a very real prospect for the first time in many months. With so many people moving – or considering the move – interstate or outside of the metropolitan areas of our capital cities, Facebook allows you to run targeted advertising to people who are visiting a specific location but live further away.

This type of targeting is particularly useful if your business is located in a holiday destination however it can also be useful for any business with increasing levels of interstate and rural/regional migration.

One example of an ad, targeting people travelling to your area, might be to entice people to search your listings on your website who might be considering a permanent relocation to the area.

2. Home sellers

It’s hard to scroll through social media right now and not see a bunch of “free appraisal” offers from real estate agents filling up your news feed. While you might get lucky and land an appraisal request, chances are you’re just burning cash with these ads. Because, hey, everyone is doing it!

Instead of the ‘batch and blast’ approach that so many agents, sadly, still do, instead focus your messaging and targeting on a very specific audience. By aligning your targeting with your messaging, your ads will be far more likely to resonate with your intended audience, resulting in a significant increase in conversion. Relevance = results.

One example of an ad, targeting people who live in a specific suburb, might be to attract them to your website to complete a specific action. In this example below, we’re using the Property Estimate feature which allows homeowners to instantly generate a price range estimate for the value of their property while educating them on the importance of an agent appraisal.

Learn more about the Price Estimate feature here.

3. Investors/Landlords

Unlike in sales, where the majority of buyers and sellers are likely located close to a property, geographically speaking, landlord clients can be located just about anywhere – interstate and overseas. So it can be a little trickier to target property investors with Facebook and Instagram ads, but it’s not impossible.

Rather than relying on geo-targeting ads like in the examples above, you should be considering Custom Audience targeting.

Note: If you would like to know how to create custom audiences, check out our Facebook Ads Masterclass course

Once you have uploaded your database of current landlord clients to your Facebook Business Manager, Facebook allows you to create a ‘lookalike audience‘ based on your contact list. Facebook will create a subset of profiles within Facebook that resemble similar lifestyle attributes and interests as the people on your current landlord client list and allow you to run ads to those people.

One example of an ad, targeting property investors in the local area as well as your ‘lookalike audience’, might be to attract them to your website to complete a specific action. In this example below, we’re using a new website integration recently released by our team that allows investors to discover how many tenants in the agency database are actively searching for rental properties like theirs.

Ad Set #1 – Your ‘lookalike audience’


Ad Set #2 – Geo-targeting likely investors in the area


Learn more about this Tenant Match feature here.

In closing:

Each of these examples above have two things in common:

  1. They have a compelling, relevant message to a targeted audience
  2. They are getting people out of the noisy newsfeed and onto the company’s website

I’ve heard some marketing ‘gurus’ say that Facebook Lead Ads are the best form of lead generation on Facebook but what they really mean is the company they’re working with has a suboptimal website. With features like those mentioned in this article, your website can produce a more consistent flow of higher quality leads for both your sales and property management department at a much lower cost per lead compared to any other form of advertising approach within Facebook and Instagram.

But if all you’re doing is the same ‘spray and pray’ advertising that most agents do, or you’re relying solely on ‘just sold/just listed’ campaigns, I can’t promise the same result.

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