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3 Social Media Marketing Ideas For Real Estate Agents

Do you use social media to market your business?

Are you looking for new ways to engage your clients and attract new ones?

In this article, I’ll share 3 Social Media Marketing Ideas For Real Estate Agents.

The common misconception amongst real estate agents is the louder you shout on social media, the better you’ll be heard.

Social media has fundamentally changed the balance of power between the public and your business. If you are not adding value to the lives of your fans and followers, and looking outside of what your competitors are doing, you are losing clients you didn’t know you had the chance to get.

Here are 3 Social Media Marketing Ideas For Real Estate Agents to help create brand awareness, generate new business and build client loyalty – real business outcomes, not just “likes”, shares and comments.

1. Collaborative Content Marketing

You may have heard the late Zig Ziglar say,

“If we help enough people get what they want, we get what we want.”

Collaborative content marketing can be loosely defined as a form of marketing whereby you work with others to create content for your audience. This might include other local businesses, notable public figures, affiliate partners or industry experts with the aim to educate, inform and entertain your clients and prospects.

Instead of trying to do everything yourself, consider working with your affiliate partners such as mortgage brokers, accountants, financial planners, developers, tradespeople or property valuers. This could be done in the form of blog posts, video interviews or podcasts.

Check out this example from the team at Brad Bell Real Estate:

By providing the opportunity for others to get in front of your audience, your guests will naturally be happy to share your content with their audience. If done right, collaborative marketing will help you establish authority in your community and it can help you reach an audience far wider than you could otherwise do on your own.

Pro Tip: Make sure to host your content on your own real estate website. This way, when your co-creators share your content, the traffic is coming to you.

2. Competitor Analysis

If all your competitors are trying to get the attention of the same people, in the same way on social media (and they are), what makes your company so special? If you can’t answer this question, you don’t just have a social media problem.

Find out:

  • What social channels are your clients and prospects using?
  • What social channels are your competitors using?
  • What type of content are your competitors posting?
  • What level of engagement are your competitors getting?
  • What tone of voice are your competitors using?

While social media strategic plans can be far more complex than this, you can find quick wins with the above data on its own.

The goal is not to be louder than the competition on social media – the goal is to BE more social. Keep it real and talk like a human.

3. Social Advertising

When everyone jumped into social media all those years ago, little did we care about how much of our personal information was retained by these billion-dollar businesses. That information today provides marketers and business owners unprecedented opportunity to target their marketing more specifically than ever before.

For example, a blog article titled “How To Get The Best Price For Your Property” is clearly relevant to home sellers.

Facebook’s Ad Platform allows you to create custom audiences to market and re-target this content to the following audiences:

  • People who have visited specific pages of your website up to 180 days ago.
  • People on your email database who fit the target market description.
  • People in or around specific suburbs you service who are interested in certain lifestyle interests or who fit a certain age group and demographic description.
  • A “Lookalike” audience can also be created whereby Facebook will find similar people to those in your above custom audiences.

Some might say this type of marketing is stalkerish or creepy. But is it? Really?

Would you prefer to blast everyone or deliver content that people are genuinely interested in, only to the people who are interested in it? We’ve seen clients generate more than 100 new leads from Facebook advertising in as little as seven days, for 80 cents per lead by targeting content to the same above-mentioned audiences – read our case study here.

Over to you … How are you using social media to drive real business outcomes?

Leave us a comment below.

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